Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bathroom Light

I took these pictures just today - they're the first of the new year! It was very spontaneous, and started - like so many of my shoots - when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.

Some people may think it's narcissistic, but when you're a self-portrait photographer, you are your own muse, and nothing inspires the creative imagination like actually being able to see your muse. I can imagine that if I hung around another model frequently, I'd be constantly checking her out, and snapping pictures of her, and getting inspired.

But that's another one of the challenges of self-portraiture. I often feel as though I'd benefit from having a talented photographer hanging around me a lot, but since I'm so introverted, the chances of finding someone like that that I'm also comfortable with having around me that much are slim.

But in the meantime, I find it helps my creative process enormously to have lots of mirrors lying around the house, so I have ample opportunities to check myself out and become inspired.

Here's another shot that's just for fun:


  1. And wonderful light it is, beautiful!
    I like the second photo the most, I love what you are doing with your legs, looks super beautiful and sexy, great pose!
    I think doing self portraits is a great way of learning about photography. You learn more of it than from shooting other models only. Not just about technical things and poses, but it helps to understand how other models might feel, too.
    Not to mention it's big fun, and it's so easy to have a model at hand at all times. On top of that I think you learn a lot about yourself. And I don't think that's narcissistic, since learning about yourself equals learning about other people.
    If I looked a tiny bit better than I do, I would do even much more self portraits, and if I looked like you I think I would never stop...
    Keep it up, please!

  2. Thanks! I agree with everything you said. :-)