Message to deviantART

With apologies to Crocodile Dundee. XD

Addressed to deviantART, this is my message in response to three of my images (including the one above on the left) being deleted for containing "a depiction of a penis which is considered to be 'erect'". I suppose one can forgive someone who's never seen an erection before for not knowing what one looks like. But I for sure know what an erection looks like. You can see one in the image above on the right. But according to the standards of deviantART (not a website very welcoming, ironically, to deviant artists), the penis on the left is what they consider to be an "erection". (I can only imagine how they would respond if they saw an actual erection!). I'm not saying the site should open the floodgates to pornography (necessarily), but it's worth pointing out their highly warped perception of human anatomy. User beware.

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