Monday, July 1, 2019

Your Patronage Is My Desire

I hate advertising, because it feels so manufactured, and I prefer a more authentic exchange - even at the cost of efficacy. One of my recurring complaints about our capitalist culture is that companies are concerned about profit above all other considerations - such as the long-term health of their customers or even the planet. And the fact that popularity - rather than diversity, freedom of choice, and other lofty ideals - dictates availability. That public image is more important than personal character, and the doublespeak corporations engage in, making sure to quote their dedication to free speech in the same breath that they practice censorship.

So I'm just going to be straightforward with you. I've decided to try starting up a Patreon account, because I spend so much time and effort on my photography that I honestly feel I deserve to have some compensation for it. (And being compensated for it would justify spending even more time and effort on it). I don't intend to make a living off of taking nude pictures of myself (although wouldn't that be awesome?), but it would be nice for the energy I put into my art to be recognized in the form of monetary compensation, which could go towards things like getting better camera equipment, affording gas to drive out to more locations more frequently, buying more expensive clothes (in order for me to strip them off :-p), and things like that.

Now, I don't want to punish anyone who's followed me for any portion of the last ten plus years, indulging in the art I've freely given to the community, out of support for the medium and sheer enjoyment of the work. And the truth is, it wouldn't even be possible for me to put everything I produce behind a pay wall, because - to be quite frank - Patreon washes its hands of any kind of pornographic material. Which means that any time I get the urge to photograph my erection, I won't be able to post it anywhere but right here on this blog, as I've been doing for years now. But Patreon does permit nudity of a non-explicitly sexual variety. So I think it's perfectly reasonable for me to reserve a fair portion of my work to be shared with just those dedicated fans of mine who appreciate my work to the point that they are willing to financially support me, even in some small way. It's up to you whether you agree or not, and I perfectly expect you to vote with your wallet.

I'm new to Patreon, so forgive me while I learn the ropes. But there's already exclusive material posted on my account, available for anyone who becomes my patron. And I intend to post much more in the coming months and (hopefully) years. Expect to see a lot of nude art and documentary/behind the scenes videos (depending on how much you pledge), and probably some fashion/glamour shots as well. Images will also, for the first time ever, be available in high resolution (again, dependent on pledge amount). I'm considering and willing to add other benefits in the future, of a more personalized variety, such as fan signs/shout outs, personally signed copies of my book, Why Nudism?, and recommendations for poses/themes/outfits/locations/etc. But before we get to that, I want to get a feel for the platform and communicate with my fans - see what you're interested in.

So, check out my Patreon page, and consider supporting the artist you've followed all these years - I'll have lots of awesome exclusive content for you to enjoy in return. But, don't think this is the end for my blog. You'll still find my raunchiest material here. And, keep an eye out for that photo series I hinted at, which is going to be a week-long celebration of nude recreation!

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