Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Ball Clamp

My testicles are kind of shy, often receding into their inner cavities, which isn't really the best look for photos. So I was experimenting with ways to keep them extended - a simple hair tie does the trick quite nicely, it turns out. I trim them weekly (with a light touch), just to keep them smooth. They like very much to be caressed [gently]. Doing so can sometimes send waves of electricity throughout my entire body.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Night Watch

I can't tell you how beautiful it was on this night. Seventy degrees after midnight - even most summer nights aren't this warm! You walk outside, and the temperature is perfectly comfortable, even without any clothes on, or the sun to warm your skin. Plus, the full moon was shining from a nearly cloudless sky. A truly enchanted evening. I just wish the blasted street lights weren't there to interrupt the visual tranquility.

A perfect night for moon-tanning. ;-)

It's eerie how different familiar places look in the dark of night, especially illuminated by the pale light of the moon, instead of the sun. It's also amazing how much the moon can brighten a night-time scene. The full moon may put superstitious people on edge, but the deepest, darkest nights occur during the new moon.

Here's the difference between exposing for the street lights (above), with the figure in the foreground backlit by the moon, and shooting a scene fully bathed in moonlight (below) - what a shadow!

And then there's the unnatural orange glow of technology (below). Unfortunately, the neighborhood is so lit up by night there's really no room for skulking about in the shadows, even in my own front yard. I mean, if that deters criminals, that's all well and good, but must safety come at the cost of ruining the atmosphere of night?

I'm definitely much happier with these shots than the ones I got the last time I shot long exposures outdoors at night.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Planting My Seed

In the garden. On Arbor Day. :-3 (How's that for a holiday tradition? Imagine a holiday dedicated to orgasms among nature)...

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Immaculate Exposed Midriff

Incidentally, also the phrase I used to describe Alexandria Daddario in the movie Texas Chainsaw 3D. :-3

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

A New Dress

New dress. I like it, but it's dangerously chesty (and the straps are not adjustable). Not that there's anything wrong with cleavage, but since I don't really have any cleavage, it just emphasizes the pectoral nature of my chest. Also, if you're not "projecting" out into the fabric, there's a very real risk that space can develop between it and the skin, running the risk of exposure, particularly at certain angles and in certain poses. And I know that might sound exciting to you, but it's considerably less exciting when the wrong person catches a glimpse and has a much less positive reaction... (God knows the oversensitive busybodies among us don't want the rest of us having any fun). But I do like it, though!

Monday, April 22, 2019

Tree Hopping

I forgot to post this before Easter. I've just been that busy...

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Easter Sighting

The Easter Bunny has been sighted!

Here's to fertility and new growth!

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Beneath The Cosplay

In the spirit of last year's post-con post!

Because every outfit goes on over a naked body. -_^

I'm so used to looking at myself naked in the mirror, that when I come upon a mirror while I'm dressed, I have this urge to shed my clothes...

This year, I took short videos of me wearing the cosplay among the crowds at the convention. Because anyone can put on a skimpy outfit and take pictures of it in private, and pretend they wore it in public. Here's proof that I wore these outfits in front of the crowds (videos have been muted to protect the privacy of nearby conversations):

Monday, April 15, 2019

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Spring Trim (2019)

It's that time of year again! (Compare). I've probably said all this before, but I have mixed feelings about going completely smooth. Although body hair in general is unattractive to me, and I exert continuous maintenance on my feminized appearance (luckily, I have light hair coverage for a male) - to the extent of keeping even my scrotum regularly trimmed - this is one (small) area where I don't mind having a little bush (and I've been told I have exceptionally nice pubic hair). I actually find it to be more feminine that way, as the lack of any hair whatsoever tends to emphasize the presence of my genitalia - a landscape that honestly looks a bit alien to me. Still, there is some novelty in being "completely" bare, and at a distance or from certain angles, the look of having less hair down there can be appealing, so it's worth trying every now and then (after all, hair grows back), and I've gotten into the habit of trimming it down every year in the spring.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Trying On Shorts

This outfit I wore to the store was inspired by recent events. :-3

I wanted to try on a few different pairs of shorts. Because people keep telling me, "you need clothes!" :-p

Oh, and this bikini bottom. Because what else do I have to put on under those shorts?

I guess I didn't like any of the shorts enough to buy them - I would have needed to go back and compare sizes, and I wasn't in the mood for that. This shirt was a lock, though. And it was only five dollars! I figure it'll be a great thing to wear when I go out for exercise on those cooler mornings. You know, when a jacket is just a little too breezy on its own...

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Bra'd and Panty'd

How's that for an idea for a medieval "torture" device? ;-p

A rather unusual sight - wearing a bra with no bottoms - but I thought it looked interesting. I don't wear bras very often, in spite of how integral they are to the realm of women's fashion. Even women who need them often complain about them, so to me, unless it's an outfit where I really want an extra punch in the form of padded inserts, it's just a bit of extraneous infrastructure that I could just as soon do without. Unless it's all that's covering me (well, on the top at least, not like this), as in the case of a bikini or similar ensemble.

And, if you were wondering where the panties were, let me just tack on this other mirror reflection shot. It's not entirely spontaneous, but I was trying to recreate (after running off and grabbing my phone) the image I unexpectedly laid eyes on in the mirror as I turned on the light while stepping into the bathroom.

Friday, April 5, 2019

She's Got Legs

It's a month early for No Pants Day, but it always tickles me pink when my jacket hangs down lower than my shorts or skirt, and it looks like I'm not wearing any bottoms. Plus, these shoes really set off my legs.

In fact, I was so taken by the visual impact of this outfit that I decided to try the jacket on with nothing underneath at all. It's barely enough coverage to get by in public (without too much scrutiny), but is quite risky, especially from a low vantage point, and because of the tendency of my anatomy to peek out from between the two flaps in front, as I walk and move about. (More so, if I happen to get excited).

Still, the mind tingles with the possibilities. Here's a little tease of me arriving home after a brisk walk in just the jacket and heels. I apologize for the briefness of the video, it's just a little taste to get your imagination running.

And one last shot after the clothes come off (as they inevitably do):

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Trafficking or Prostitution?

I find it interesting that the phrase "violation of consent" is most often used when it is a person's lack of consent that is being violated. Yes, I know, "consent" is shorthand, referring to a person's agency of consent - the ability (and requirement) to approve of certain types of actions before they are carried out - the freedom of an individual to choose whether or not to participate. But while a violation of consent occurs when somebody says "no", and you behave as though they had said "yes", it also occurs when somebody says "yes", and you consider them to have said "no". This isn't to say that if somebody wants to do something, you have to do it with them - as all parties must be consenting - but rather that you are not permitting them to do something they want to do. Usually this is due to personal prejudice, and wrapped in the language of protectionism ("it's for your own good"). Multiply this by a whole population, and you end up with a systemic injustice that mirrors rape culture (but by forcing nos instead of yeses), promoting a repressive regime that seeks to limit and control the things people can choose to do.

Consider the difference between sex work and "human trafficking". The human trafficking debate annoys me, despite the fact that these are people allegedly trying to "rescue kidnapped slaves" (the more virtuous a person's deeds sound, the more skepticism should be applied to them - I prefer a hero who does good deeds without boasting to somebody overly concerned with seeming virtuous), because all too often it's used as a cover for a moralizing campaign. The trafficking activist's argument relies on the assumption that women (especially) cannot consent to sell their sexual services. It doesn't matter whether you've been kidnapped, or you've willingly entered the sex trade, because to them it's all the same. Want me to support anti-trafficking measures? All you have to do is come out in no uncertain terms and declare that you support the decriminalization of prostitution (which is the truly humanitarian - and logical - position). Then I'll believe your concern over "kidnapped sex slaves" (versus women who choose, for one reason or another, to become prostitutes) is genuine. Show me that you can tell the difference.

If your platform is that you don't want women to be so desperate as to feel their best or only option for survival is to work in the sex trade, then you fight the conditions (e.g., poverty) that lead to this desperation. You don't attack the sex workers themselves, and you don't attack their clients, either, in the naive belief that if a woman is dangling from a rope over a cliff, then she will somehow benefit from you swooping in to...what, sever her lifeline? I don't believe that jailing prostitutes (and their clients) is acceptable collateral damage, or that "ending demand" for the sale of sex is either practically possible, or even ethically justified. The best thing anyone can do to improve the sometimes harsh conditions of sex work - including reducing the prevalence of abduction and forced slavery (however prevalent it may or may not be) - is to decriminalize it. Give women who sell sex recourse to law enforcement when they are being mistreated, without fear of being thrown in prison themselves. Respect the sex worker, whether or not you respect the work. Listen to their own feelings about what they do. Above all, honor their agency, and their consent. Otherwise, you're no better than the alleged slave traders themselves, denying women's consent, and treating them like objects.

This issue frustrates me, because it's one of many where semantics rules the day - the language is manipulated in such a way that to take the only truly noble position is to sound like an asshole ("you support sex slavery?"), and the noble-sounding position is one that denies reality and obscures the truth. I've been called some pretty mean things for voicing my doubts about the anti-trafficking mentality, but that just goes to show that these people are leading with their emotions, and not reason. My heart's in the right place, too. I oppose kidnapping and sex slavery (except, of course, in the form of fantasy and/or roleplay) as much as anyone. But as a proponent of the rights of sex workers, I do not see anti-trafficking activists having a good record of understanding the issue of consent; so their claims of "rescuing victims" (which often results in a lot of sex workers out of work if not behind bars) are skeptical at best. Condemning human trafficking is an easy way (too easy) to get good PR, dealing with a controversial subject (that's bound to draw headlines), with a lot of moral baggage. You simply cannot construct a robust position on the issue without addressing that baggage, that will not be fatally hijacked by every member of society who wants to associate any and all sex work with scandal and sin. It's like a super happy fun slide for moral conservatives who want to stamp out prostitution in all its forms.

I feel bad for the individuals genuinely concerned for any and all hypothetical victims forced into so-called sex slavery, but the fact that they are naive and their cause is tightly clenched in the talons of corruption does not exonerate their counterproductive efforts, nor does it give them free reign to insult skeptics in dehumanizing terms and still claim moral superiority. Until anti-trafficking activists separate themselves from anti-prostitution rhetoric, "human trafficking" can be no more than a buzzword used disingenuously by moralizing agents (and unfortunate naifs) to crack down on sex work indiscriminately, and further sully its reputation in the eyes of the public. If you really care about victims kidnapped and sold into sex slavery, stand up and do the right thing - disavow the moralists who are muddying the waters. Until you have the confidence to do so, don't be surprised if I doubt your commitment to "virtue".

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

First Touch of Spring

While March definitely came in like a lion, I'm hesitant to say that it went out like a lamb. Because, even though it was seventy degrees and quite mild in the sunshine (as long as the sunshine lasted, at least), the temperature swung around quite abruptly to the low '40s with snow flurries on the 31st. I keep finding myself regretting switching out my winter jacket for something lighter...

But it is officially spring now, and the trees are starting to bud, so things will be getting greener very soon (I've noticed the grass is starting to grow again), and the world will explode in flowers. Although May is still a month away - with it World Naked Gardening Day - and before that, Easter is still yet to come (it'll be a late one this year). But, nonetheless, we have begun the march toward summer!

The view from over the fence.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Closet View

How's it look from in there?