Monday, March 4, 2019

Checking In

Check it out - I'm checking in for a nude check-up!

Seeing as I don't "visit" this blog as much as I did last year (which is to say, daily), I felt like dropping in, as if to say, I'm still out there, still living a nude life (as much as possible), and still occasionally taking pictures to share.

Last year's project involved a lot of work, and at times it was hard to keep up. But I tell you, if I go too long without taking a picture, I start to miss it. It's a lot of fun, expressing myself in this way - both being able to share my vision of a beautiful naked life, and using those opportunities to share some of my thoughts and opinions on related topics. I don't think I'm ever going to want to quit. It'd just be nice if someday I could find a muse to shoot in my place, when I get old and frail (it consistently surprises me what physical effort self-portrait photography is) and not so pretty anymore...


  1. Thanks so much for "checkin in." I hope you'll continue to do so as your time allows. I check your blog first thing everyday, and am always delighted to see what you've been up to lately — you're part of my daily routine.

  2. Thank you for making me part of your daily routine - I appreciate that!