Monday, December 31, 2018

Waiting For The Ball(s) To Drop

My last photoshoot of the year! (And what a year it's been). I wanted to go streaking for New Years, but you know how that goes. So, instead, I re-purposed my prom dress, since I didn't get to "wear it to prom" last spring - anyway, I began thinking that it's more LBD and less fairy tale princess, so maybe it's not the best choice for prom after all. But it's certainly glitzy enough for New Years!

Killing time, waiting for the balls to drop. (That makes me think of some kind of ultra-kinky variation of The Pit and the Pendulum)...

The best thing about this outfit is that I don't have to find matching underwear! -_^

And, of course, wearing it without underwear provides easy access! (Not to mention a fuller range of motion on the dance floor ;-x).

Sadly, still pictures don't do justice to the way this dress sparkles - so here's a video to demonstrate:

Happy New Year!


  1. your my perfect girl, happy new year

  2. Yes! You’re right. I had to listen to your dress.
    BTW, my favorite is #7, showing you from behind kneeing on the ground with your high heels and your balls.