Thursday, December 27, 2018

Swim Briefs (Three Different Ones)

Actually, they're all the same style, just different colors. This is another Christmas gift to myself (the best kind of Christmas gift - because it's difficult sometimes to ask other people for the things you really want). You remember that low-rise swim brief I bought last spring? It's already pretty cheap to begin with, but I happened across a sale, and - knowing that it's a style I like very much - I went ahead and bought it in three other colors. With shipping included, the whole package cost me less than thirty bucks! Next year at the beach, I'll be able to wear a different swimsuit every day!

I thought I'd learned my lesson about the color balance in this room...but I was tempted by the light coming in through that huge window. For comparison, here's the black one I already owned, paired with a string bikini top:

And this is me just fooling around, because bikinis are so much fun!

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