Friday, November 30, 2018

Naked Erection

A.k.a. constructing a shelf, while nude. I could have used the word "construction", but this is more fun, isn't it? After all, the shelf is designed to stand up straight and tall when it's finished. ;-) Although I'm probably just pissing everybody off - half the people will be mad that there isn't really an erection, and the other half will be annoyed by the "gratuitous" sexual innuendo. Feel free to add in your own references to "screwing" and "hammering", as well as being "nailed". (It's almost like our sexual slang was invented by carpenters!).

I must apologize for the colors. This room was doing something weird with the white balance. I think the blue light from the window was mixing with the yellow light from the fixture, producing a sickly green pallor against the walls, or something. And I can't for the life of me seem to fix it. Lesson learned the hard way.


I had to shoot this part separately because it works much better in a vertical orientation, while the rest seems perfectly suited to a horizontal orientation. There's nothing like getting down on your hands and knees on the floor!

Prep Work

As for the rest, this quickly became a fairly unwieldy project, so I split it up into bite-size chunks.


I hope that, altogether, it's not too much - I tried to cut it down to just the most visually interesting sections, while not leaving out any critical parts of the construction. Editing the hammer-and-nail section was the most annoying.

Nailing the Backboard

I probably should have shot this last part in a vertical orientation again. Oh well. I still think it looks good.

Placing the Shelves

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Bare Walls

Bare walls, for some reason, inspire me to get bare and create nude art. I guess it's the shining promise of a blank canvas, just waiting for the artist to imprint his vision upon it. I wish I could afford to keep some space for a photo studio...

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Sunning in November

Who would have thought? Although the shorter days, and lower-angled sunlight, does present a challenge to maintaining that fading summer's glow.

I realized something. And this is something you've probably already figured out, but...I've been worrying over the fact that I still have so many outdoor/nice weather shoots to post, even though the summer ended months ago. And yet, here I am, on a dry, seventy degree day in November - a bit cooler than those ninety degree days we had in October, but certainly warm enough to do yard work in the nude - enjoying the weather outdoors, and taking pictures of myself while doing so.

Because, you see, the truth is, when I'm cold and bundled up indoors, I'm less inspired to get up and create nude art. But when I have a chance to get outdoors naked, I feel like documenting it in some way. It's not like I don't think indoor nudes are interesting, but something about getting naked outside really gets me going. Maybe it's because I've spent so much time inside naked, and the outside thing is still novel to me.

After all, it's only been in the last year that I've had a regular (sort of) opportunity to go outside naked. And though I've spent a lot of time doing that at nudist resorts over the last eight years or so, that's a context in which I'm not allowed to pull out my camera. So maybe that's it. In any case, I predict I'll continue posting outdoor nudes - just maybe less of them, as the weather gets progressively colder - through the winter, even when it starts snowing.

I took this photo for comparison. I don't want to say there isn't a reason for it - protection from the elements, which is maybe more important the older and frailer you get, or an old-world mentality where baring skin is still considered scandalous (although, on the other hand, I do know some pretty old people who are deeply entrenched in the nudist lifestyle) - but I have to admit the contrast is striking, when my rather older neighbors come out to do yard work bundled up in their jackets and long pants, on a mild day that I think is perfect to enjoy some out-of-season nudism. Then again, I recall seeing them in long sleeves throughout the summer, too. I guess it just goes to show that it's all a matter of preference.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back out in the yard - the naughty cot strikes back!

It's a testament to how much my life has changed in the last ten years, since I did my original Daily Nudes project. Then I was hiding in the shadows, sneaking around the house late at night. Now I'm basking in full daylight. My life's not perfect, and there are still things that could be improved, but I've come to believe that what Mick Jagger once sang is true - you can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might get what you need. Of course, it probably helps that with age comes wisdom and opportunity - getting to know yourself well enough to know what you want, and having the confidence (and authority - which is doubly hard to come by when you're a minor, and you're living under somebody else's roof) to take it, without needing the approval of others first.

"I'm not searching for a reason to enjoy myself.
Seems it's better done than argued with somebody else."
- The Yardbirds

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Penis Measurement

Not the most honest angle, I must admit...

There's a lot of misinformation about penis size out there. Frankly, I don't think it's nearly as much of a big deal as some people make it out to be, although I'd have to concede that because it's not a big deal to me, doesn't mean that it can't be a big deal to someone else. After all, I might feel differently if I had a different penis.

Now, I don't have the biggest penis in the world - not by a long shot. It's not going to break any records. But I'd have to say it strikes an impressive profile, and it seems to be well-suited to the task it was designed for. I certainly have no complaints whatsoever in that respect. However, I am a "grower", so it's considerably smaller when not aroused (although never small enough, it seems, when I'm trying to squeeze into a bikini or a tight dress).

I feel like this should go without saying, but then my perspective (as a person who possesses one of these organs that behaves in this way) could be biased. You cannot judge a man's true size in its flaccid state. That's like underestimating a tiny snake in the grass, when what you're actually looking at is merely the tail of a great serpent.

I must admit I find it very humorous that I've been described as both "tiny" and "huge" in different contexts. Perhaps that's why, to me, anyone's judgment of a penis' size seems insignificant, because it is my experience that the penis is a transformative, and often times deceptive, organ. That may also, incidentally, contribute to the misinformation that's out there (of course, ego is another significant motivator).

As a small step towards rectifying that misinformation (and just because it's fun, and gives me an excuse to take some pornographic pictures), I've decided to measure my penis for you here, so you can put a number to the images you've seen in the past, and perhaps get a somewhat more realistic idea of what a satisfactory penis measurement is.

About four inches flaccid, although resting size can actually vary depending on any number of unknown factors - this isn't the smallest I've ever been. Plus, you tend to stretch it out in order to measure it - it could be sitting all curled up and appear even smaller. Sometimes it behaves kind of like an accordion. Or, if there's been some stimulation - whether deliberate or incidental (even getting stuck between my thighs when I cross my legs could be enough to set it off) - it may rest temporarily at a larger size. You just can't ever be too sure.

I'm gonna say about six and a half inches erect, from base to tip, with an approximately five inch diameter. I don't know how that compares to the average - it would be interesting to do a population-wide study, and have every owner of a penis come in and get measured in a standardized way (because the way you measure a penis can drastically affect the results), both flaccid and erect. Imagine if you could pick your nurse (male or female) from a lineup? Hell, we might as well measure shooting distance while we're at it! Wouldn't that be fun? It sure beats giving blood...

Monday, November 26, 2018

Teaching Girls To Sext

I came across another article on sexting, and it struck me as approaching the issue very much from an abstinence-only sort of perspective. Like, "sexting is risky: don't do it." And this is from an otherwise liberal publication, all about female empowerment. Am I wrong in sensing an ideological contradiction here? Feminists say, "teach men not to rape", not "teach women how not to be raped" (e.g., don't wear this, don't say that, don't go there after dark). Why, then, is it "teach girls not to sext"? Shouldn't it be "teach boys (and girls) not to slut-shame"? We should be holding bullies accountable for their harassment - not teaching their victims to refrain from expressing themselves, in order to avoid the attention.

And why is confidence always considered telling boys no, but never having pride in one's appearance and wanting to show it off? ("Just say no" is an anti-consent platform). Sexual repression is not a requisite for the empowerment of women. Why is every girl who sexts a helpless victim (as opposed to an independent agent), and every boy who asks for sexts a deceptive manipulator (as opposed to, say, a doting admirer of the female form)? Is there no context in which the sharing of these sorts of pictures could be considered a positive and healthy expression of eroticism (as I've said before, one that carries zero risk of unplanned pregnancy or transmission of diseases)? When confidences are broken (as they often are) why aren't boys held responsible for their disrespectful behavior toward girls who do them the kindness of indulging their desires and fantasies? I swear I'll never understand the Madonna-whore mentality of boys liking to see girls naked, but then hurting the girls who show them their naked bodies. Isn't it the responsibility of a progressive platform (and just a decent, moral agent besides) to punish the mob throwing rocks - not join in the stoning of their victim? Didn't Christ himself say as much?

Yet why do even girls and their "protectors" contribute to this shaming culture, as if they're being paid off by some conservative lobby who wants less nude images circling around, instead of more respect shown towards each other and their bodies? It's like they see people misbehaving around a sexual trigger, and use it as evidence to support their theory that sex is corrupt and must be avoided, instead of trying to fix the problem and teach young people how to approach sex more maturely (I mean, how are we supposed to expect them to pick this up if we don't teach them?). If you can't encounter a nude woman on the street and not assault her, then #sorrynotsorry, but you need to be culled from the human race, so the rest of us can get on with things. And if you can't treat a girl who sexts with respect, then you seriously need to take a class in human decency, before it's too late and your behavior escalates from teasing a girl until she kills herself, to going out and killing "the little whore" yourself - like a 21st century Jack the Ripper.

There's nothing wrong with appreciating the erotic appeal of a nude photo. And there's nothing wrong with letting other people see your naked body. It doesn't diminish your value as a human being. You should know the risks, but it's worth talking about the benefits, too - the reasons people do these things in the first place. Not because they're dumb and impulsive (most adults' proposed "solution" to the problem of sexting is indistinguishable from the immature bullying victims receive from their peers - sometimes leading to suicide), but because it's the driving force in life, that has the power to bring us pleasure.

As both a nudist and an erotic model myself, I want to live in a world - a happier, less sexually-repressed world, where people are held accountable for their treatment of others - where people can do these things and still be respected as human beings, not one where they are shamed in order to stamp out this behavior and fulfill a sexually conservative agenda. If you feel the same way, the best thing you can do in protest is show a naked image of yourself to the world, and give the middle finger to anyone who talks down about you for it.

Tell them, "I am a human being. I have agency. I choose to share my naked body with the world because I am proud of it, and I have the confidence to show it off. And if you don't like it, well you can just fuck off, because you don't get to tell me what I can or cannot do with my body." And all of us who engage in these behaviors need to rally together and support one another. Spread love, not hate.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Bedroom Window + Half-Naked

After I took these shots, I thought to myself, I like the suggestion of peeking through the window, but it would be more effective if you could see more of the outside world, to contrast with what's going on inside. So I set up another shoot from a more oblique angle, and at that point, I naturally thought, you know what? It'd be great to stick in a clone outside the window - an unsuspecting passerby - to add a little suspense!

Half-Naked (Full Sexy)

After the photoshoot, I started playing around with my wardrobe, and I landed on this sparse ensemble:

All too often "half-naked" means partially exposed, but not really naked - like a man with no shirt on, or a woman in her panties. Well, this half-naked really is naked, for all practical purposes, despite still being about half covered up (or so :-p).

Of course, at that point, I just started to get carried away...

Saturday, November 24, 2018


I tend to like to get a shot of the street clothes I wore into the store, to contrast with whatever I try on. In this case, it was nothing but dresses, and in the cooler months, I tend to be bundled up in more "conservative" clothes. So I think it makes an interesting contrast here. I loved the cut of the skirt on that blue dress, but the top was dangerously restrictive on me - you can see it pressing into my chest.

I seemed to be picking out all blues and purples this time for some reason. That first dress was really pretty, and fit me decently. But I was just trying things on for fun. Do I really need more dresses for my closet?

Honestly, I think I'm becoming disillusioned with fitting room selfies. The amount of effort required to wrangle a usable result, compared with the frequent mediocrity of that result (few of these images truly do justice to the clothes they depict), compounded by the atmosphere of the fitting room - in which cramped quarters, poor lighting, and a sense of urgency often exacerbated by the presence of others milling about outside (or rapidly approaching closing times -_-;), impairs one's ability to construct a decent shot - makes me think they're hardly worth it. Still, I like trying on new and different things (also, having an excuse to get undressed outside the home), and I enjoy sharing those experiences, so... I guess I'm stuck.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Nudist Cube

This year, for the first time in my life, I learned how to solve a Rubik's cube. And I've discovered that there are a couple of common misconceptions that are undoubtedly preventing the majority of the population from solving this puzzle. Firstly, that it's a puzzle you solve, rather than a puzzle you learn. This is perhaps the largest obstacle to looking up the solution - I know it was for me. I had this idea in my mind that looking up the solution was cheating. But the reality is, it took even Erno Rubik himself a month to solve the puzzle the first time. I don't know that anyone could sit down and work out the puzzle in any kind of reasonable time frame, the way Will Smith's character does in The Pursuit of Happyness, without studying, learning, practicing, and memorizing the algorithms needed to solve the puzzle. So unless you're some kind of supergenius (in which case you don't need my advice), I suggest you swallow your pride. Looking up the solution isn't the last recourse of a frustrated incompetent - it's just the beginning of the fun you can have with this toy.

The other common misconception about the Rubik's cube is that you solve it face by face, rather than layer by layer. Most people are able to solve one face of the cube without too much difficulty. Feeling a sense of accomplishment, they get to work on a second face, only to find that it's not so easy to put together without messing up the face they've already solved. The truth is, you can't solve the puzzle one face at a time, you have to solve it in such a way that each of the pieces gradually falls into place - layer by layer. So your second landmark shouldn't be two whole faces solved, but one face, with each of the pieces in its proper place - by matching up with the colors of each of the sides. In other words, you should have the first layer solved. After that, you can get to work on the middle layer (this is where things get progressively more complicated), then put the opposing face together, and make sure its pieces are all in the right place (solving the final layer). Like so:

Part 1 - solving the first layer

I had to split the video into two parts due to Blogger's file size limits. I considered editing the video down, but I thought it would be more effective if you got to watch the solution from start to finish with no cuts. I was able to get my solving time down to under four minutes, which I feel is pretty good (although the world record is measured in seconds). I should probably be able to do the first part faster, but I enjoy it the most because I can solve it intuitively - by looking and seeing where each piece needs to go. After this, more and more complicated algorithms (series of twists) are required to move the pieces around without messing up the ones you've already solved. Short of committing those sequences to memory, you'll probably need to reference them as I do.

Part 2 - this is where the magic happens

This video may be a textbook definition of "gratuitous nudity", but I thought it would be neat to record a video of me solving a Rubik's cube from the perspective of being a nudist. (Certainly, there's nothing remarkable about the way - or the time - in which I'm solving the cube). Alternatively, I suppose this could be considered a form of sapiosexual porn. :-p

Thursday, November 22, 2018


Happy Thanksgiving! In the spirit of the holiday, I've decided to stuff my turkey. (If that's not a valid euphemism, should be).

It all started with me coming across (though not literally :-p) an image on Reddit. I would have loved to have shared it with you, but I went back to look for it a week later, and I couldn't find it. (You know, every time someone says "nothing ever vanishes from the internet", I want to come back with a "yeah, but can you actually find it?"). It showed a girl either naked or wearing a short skirt, bending over to reveal a jeweled butt plug in her ass. I thought it was cute, and also extremely perverted. My mind started to wander, and I decided to try one myself. It could be fun, and think of the pictures I could take!

My very first butt plug

Now, I'm not an anal pro (contrary to your fantasies, I'm sure :-p), so it was a little uncomfortable getting it in (with lots of lube, of course). And it felt weird at first, but after a few minutes, I guess I got used to it. I could walk around with it in - in fact, I was surprised by how well it was hidden within the folds of my butt cheeks when not, you know, bent over with my legs spread.

I guess the advantage to using a butt plug is the continuous anal stimulation, although there's also the psychological element of naughtiness - "hehe, I've got something in my butt!" Both of these were effective for me.

I wanted to try having intercourse while plugged - something that has never been entirely practical using dildos that aren't designed to stay put. Lucky for me, I had a willing and enthusiastic partner on hand. -_^

I was pretty excited - the whole experience felt great; I hate to judge anything by a single data point (especially when it's colored by "first time" feelings) - because sometimes orgasms are just more or less intense, depending on unknown factors - but I feel like it was even more pleasurable than usual. Although one downside to that - and I'm sure my partner would agree - is that maybe I came a little too fast. Pulling the butt plug out afterwards was again slightly uncomfortable, but less so compared to putting it in.

I like how the jewel twinkles at the end.

I would love to play around with this toy some more. I have to admit the thought of wearing it out of the house - especially, for example, while wearing a skirt and no underwear - excites me. I just want to be careful, because we're dealing with delicate, internal anatomy here.

I really like how photogenic this butt plug is (I've also seen it referred to as a "princess plug" - it's a magical world where people's assholes look like glittering jewels!), but I've since read that it's not 100% safe - there have been cases where it's gotten lost up inside, due to an insufficiently flared base. Maybe this is rare (I would hope), but even if it's one in a hundred cases - or even ten thousand - I really don't want to be one of those exceptions that ends up in the emergency room due to a sex toy mishap. That's not the kind of risk I want to take with my body. So maybe I'll have to look for one that has a wider base, even if it's less photogenic.