Monday, August 27, 2018

Garden Crawl

Consider this an outdoor version of this post!

Plus, here's a couple of bonus videos. There's no sound because the A/C unit is obnoxiously loud, and I forgot to shut it off while recording.

The garden isn't the only thing that's grown! :-p

Tell me walking around with an erection is indecent. There's not even any sexual behavior involved! Sexy behavior, sure. But that's not the same thing. There are tons of things that are sexy that are perfectly acceptable in public. And not only would it be unfeasible to ban them all, it would be unreasonable besides. I don't want to live in a world so prudish that anything that anyone could interpret in the privacy of their own mind as sexy is verboten, because of some stuffy notion of purity or whatever. I can understand that an unexpected erection could be shocking in certain contexts, just as the penis itself in a flaccid state (not least of all because they're generally hidden). But I still maintain that if you're comfortable with penises, then it really doesn't make that significant a difference whether it's soft or hard. You'd just as soon discriminate against the appropriateness of breasts based on their perkiness and cup size. Either take them as they come or leave them by the wayside - that's your choice. But let's don't be petty about it.

And on the subject of penis dynamics, penises are fascinating organs. Why can't we show all the wondrous things they can do?

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