Monday, July 2, 2018

Naked Bike Ride

Always wanted to join one of those World Naked Bike Rides. But they're scattered about the country, and I guess I don't live close enough to a big enough city. I still think it's ridiculous that every other sociopolitical cause has co-opted nude protest as a protected form of speech, except nudists. Where are all the nude protests for nudist rights? That's what I want to be a part of.

Ironically (given the reputation of anyone who likes having their genitals exposed in front of others), nudists seem to be a non-confrontational bunch (and it's doubly ironic that I would criticize them for that, given that I myself tend to be very non-confrontational), content to hide behind locked gates and tall fences and not tell their friends and families about their lifestyle, while sometimes even criticizing other nudists for confronting the world with their preferred choice of dress, lest it "reflect poorly" on nudism as a whole. I guess it shows where we stand - not enough power to demand our rights, instead having to kowtow to the majority and promise not to take up too much space...

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