Friday, June 29, 2018

Sun Don't Shine

Shining light into the dark places.

I'll admit I have a little "thing" about exposure. I don't want to scandalize anybody. And certainly it's been a journey getting to the point where I'm comfortable photographing myself this way. But when you create a taboo, you're creating a vacuum - a black hole of censorship, beyond which you're not allowed to peek. And in the human mind, that invites transgression, in the form of curiosity.

Anyway, you can't get much more fully exposed than this (at least not without crossing some very weird lines that I am not interested in crossing). And in full daylight, too! Outdoors, no less! I guess I find that phrase "where the sun don't shine" a bit humorous. I mean, it's normally true. But it also kind of sounds like a challenge. Don't you think? Or maybe I'm just possessed by the Imp of the Perverse. >.<

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