Saturday, June 16, 2018

Discount Bikini

So I found this mesh-style bikini sold in a bargain bin for $2.50 a piece at Walmart. A whole bikini for just 5 bucks? I had to get one! 'Course, then I realized you can probably find better quality swim separates on the 1 dollar clearance rack at your favorite overstock/discount store. Except, the problem there is that you can never find two pieces that match, leaving you to have to get creative and hope for the best...

Looking at a bikini like this, it never ceases to amaze me that girls can actually get away with wearing this little to go swimming. I'm so jealous. If we lived in a speedo culture, things would be a lot more even, but you must be bored of me saying that by now.

I picked up a pair of the bottoms in a small, but in hindsight, I think I should have picked up a medium (every time I've been back to the store since, they've been sold out of that size and color, and have yet to restock). They're awfully snug. Especially with the meat I'm packing. I mean, they're sexy - yeah. But they're not comfy, and they're definitely not "street legal". Ah, the curse of being male...

Photography note: It's terrible when I go so far as to set up my camera, and then decide to just use my phone instead, because it takes better pictures (although I ultimately decided that a video was the best way to showcase this swimsuit). And it's not just a matter of laziness - having to manually work out the proper exposure. Granted, my camera is pretty old technology, by the standards of rapid growth in this industry, but I'd have to take multiple exposures and merge them in Photoshop, when my phone handles high dynamic range on the fly (with quite satisfactory results). Which means less time fiddling with machines, and more time being creative. And lately, my time for photoshoots has been in criminally short supply.

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