Friday, June 1, 2018

Bikini Body

Now that it's June, and Memorial Day is behind us, I'm sure everybody must be thinking about swimsuit season! I've already bought three new swim briefs for the summer (here, here, and a third one I'll have to photograph for you later).

Although, it'll be a shame if I don't even get a chance to wear them, considering the "no speedos" rule at my local pool (that has caused me no ending of frustration). How is such a thing even possible in America? Wait, I know - because the "freedom" of businesses to discriminate trumps the equality of opportunity for individuals. But imagine a similar "no bikinis" rule for girls. I bet the feminists would be all over that. In fact, a quick Google search reveals that a "no bikinis" rule is commonly regarded as repressive, and largely associated with religious fundamentalism. A "no speedos" rule, on the other hand, is considered de rigueur (except in Europe, where tourists fret about being required to wear one), and often viewed humorously, as the punchline to a joke. Actually, this is an interesting subject - stay tuned for a more in-depth survey (edit - here you go: part 1 and part 2).

Anyway, men's diversity of styles in swimwear are severely limited as compared to the cornucopia of delights that women have to choose from - and I say that because I know; I've browsed the racks! This is what I'd really like to be wearing at the pool or beach:

This is also a good demonstration of why I can't simply put on a bikini and say "fuck it!". Note to policy makers, however: swim briefs designed for men do not have this problem!

And here's me in a different bikini. For some reason, I only seem to ever get a chance to photograph myself in bikinis in the evening when the sun has already fallen below the horizon...

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