Sunday, June 17, 2018

Backyard Camping

Popping a Tent

I had to set up my tent in the backyard because, sadly, I'm not allowed to set up my camera in nudist venues. (Even putting aside the nudism issue, privacy concerns are really killing candid photography these days - god forbid you should take a picture of someone without getting their permission first...). This is pretty much what it looks like, though:

I'm pretty diligent with my sunscreen. I'm actually a little bit self-conscious about it, because I don't see a lot of other people being this diligent with it, and of course in the nudist culture a dark, all-over tan is something of a status symbol. But I like my pale skin, for aesthetic reasons even beyond the health benefits of avoiding too much sun exposure (although a moderate amount of sun is certainly healthy). And this is how I keep my pearlescent sheen:

I had to edit the video down for time constraints, but I think it's probably even better this way - lean 'n' mean. If you're taking notes, you should know that I also apply sunscreen to my face and scalp, but that isn't shown here.

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