Sunday, May 27, 2018

Backyard Club

This is what it might look like if I hosted a nudist club in my backyard. I don't know that many nudists, though. Here's a video of me running through the poses for each of the clones:

As for this next concept, I was actually planning to do more with it, but that corner of the house is pretty iffy (notice the lower, less opaque fence), and there was a lot of activity in the next two or three yards over that day, so I didn't want to push my luck.

If it seems like I'm lamenting my inability to go outside naked one day, and then posting a whole lot of outdoor nude photos the next, it's because I'm taking full advantage of the rare opportunities (an hour or so here or there, split by days or weeks at a time, weather permitting) to get out there more or less unnoticed. I feel like a teenager again, sneaking outside without my clothes on when the parents are away. I tell you, it's feast or famine, and the feasts are few and far between, but at each one I feel like Katniss preparing for the Hunger Games.

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