Monday, April 23, 2018

Innocent or Prurient

I grow bored of trying to figure out (let alone argue in defense) whether it's prurient or perfectly innocent, but I take delight in any opportunity to strip completely naked outside of the house, especially in the midst of a public environment - even if I am doing so in a private booth, albeit with the hustle and the bustle of the marketplace all around me.

Fitting rooms and family restrooms are ideal for this, although I have to admit to occasionally eyeing those photo booths you see at the mall longingly, with their flimsy curtains and dangerous vulnerability (and photo evidence to take home with you!).

Most people get dressed before leaving the home, remain dressed all day, and only disrobe after returning home. To mix up that continuity by getting naked at any point during the day, outside of the home, is exciting, in a way. I guess whether that feeling is motivated by prurient or innocent intent is a moot point, after all - because as long it's done behind a door or a curtain, it's completely harmless either way.

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