Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Fitting Room Fashion Show

Fitting rooms don't often have enough room to set up a good shot (hence why I'm always tilting my camera on the diagonal just to get my whole body in the frame), but - conceptually - I really like the idea of the fitting room fashion show. I've been playing around with video a lot more now that I have a halfway decent video camera right on my phone, just a pocket's reach away at any given time. And I've been looking for some novel approaches to presenting my fitting room adventures (the combination of trying on new clothes, and getting undressed outside of the home, is rife with photographic potential), which can get samey after a while. So I hope this turns out well. There's not much room for choreographing and filming separate takes, when I'm already self-conscious about taking too long, and causing someone to get suspicious about what's going on in there...

Anyway, I liked all these dresses (and the scandalously low-cut shorts) so much that I bought all of them except for the first one (because as cute as it is, that cut won't stay up on my flat chest at all), and the wedding dress, which wouldn't even remotely fit across my shoulders.

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