Friday, April 13, 2018

Back Stage

In my nude-colored panties and petal-shaped pasties. Sometimes you don't want what's underneath your clothes to upstage your outfit. -_^

Normally, I wouldn't wear anything underneath a towel, but under these circumstances, you want to be double (or even triple) covered. I actually have two pairs of underwear on - a thong, in addition to these nude boyshorts. That way, if my safety pins should happen to fail, I won't be exposing myself to anyone. Yeah, I know, it'd be a better world if these kind of wardrobe malfunctions were considered the rare treats that they are, instead of a potentially serious crime. But, well, there it is.

Privacy in these changing booths was minimal. For one thing, the cloth dividers were diaphanous - opaque enough to obscure details, but translucent enough to enable the visibility of silhouettes (so, no getting away with any hanky panky :-p). Yet I still had someone pull the curtain aside and peek in while I was changing, to see if the booth was occupied.

What's more, the second booth I changed in (at the front) had a significant gap between the cloth dividers at one of the corners - the corner that just happened to face the door! So, anybody walking in, if they happened to be standing in the right spot, and looking in the right direction, could pretty much see everything as I stripped naked and changed into my costume.

Not that any of this bothered me, of course. ;-p

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