Sunday, March 11, 2018

Why Nudism? (Part 22)

I'll concede that the thought of diving into a snowbank naked - with nothing protecting your intimates from the frosty snow - is probably not the most inviting endorsement for nudism. Although, thrill-seekers might appreciate how exhilarating it is - polar bear swims are not unpopular among a certain segment of the population, after all. But I wanted to do something that would really drive the point home. When you're naked, your skin is exposed. Not just to the open air, but to everything your body comes into contact with. For hygienic reasons, nudists typically sit on towels, but aside from that, the nerve endings in your body's largest organ (your skin!) are not isolated from the environment the way they are when you are wearing clothes.

Whether it's the wind in your hair or the grass under your feet - or even the hot pavement - you are literally more in touch with your surroundings when you're nude. And though there are times when protective covering is beneficial (I don't like walking over sharp gravel in my bare feet, for example, and there is no shame in covering up when you get cold), it's also true that there may be physical and psychological benefits to exposing yourself to the elements, and not denying your skin that tactile feedback. Some may even interpret it in a spiritual way, as it contributes to a feeling of oneness with nature, and the world around us. If you've never danced naked in the rain during a summer storm, you haven't lived, my friend.

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