Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Naked Snow Angels (Part 2)

Day 3

A couple weeks after the first time, it snowed again heavy enough to make snow angels, so once again I took to the snow, but not without first practicing my poses and angles again!

And before you accuse of me getting distracted (:-p), I was thinking about a picture I took in the snow many years ago, which I reduplicated just the other day.

Contemplating the prospect of putting my body in contact with all that ice cold snow... I don't remember if it was this time or the previous time, but I remember standing there, getting ready to dive into the snow. I pointed the remote at the camera and pressed the button for the two-second delay, and noticed that it hadn't registered just in time to pull myself back from a forward lean. I very nearly lost my balance and fell into the snow unprepared! Thankfully, I didn't, though.

I didn't want all my snow angel pictures to look identical, so I experimented with a different approach this time - shooting from a really low angle, to get more of a backdrop into the picture. I like the idea, but I didn't like how small I ended up being in the frame. I think I jumped out into the snow a little too far from the camera. But once you jump, that's it. And then you have to find a different spot, unless you can live with the markings of a previous jump showing up in your photos. One time was enough for me this day.

I did not bother to take a video this time, but I did take "after" pictures of my skin all red with the cold - snowburned, if you will - instead.

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