Sunday, March 18, 2018


"He who has the right to eat the fruit of a tree
may assuredly pluck it ripe or green,
according to the inspiration of his taste."

- The Marquis de Sade,
from Philosophy in the Bedroom

All three stages of this banana are edible, yet you may only eat two. Which two stages look most appetizing to you? In the absence of the middle option, would you prefer to eat the banana that is underripe, or overripe? What if you happen to have a taste for underripe bananas, yet I told you those were strictly verboten? That you may eat yellow bananas to your satisfaction until they're covered head to toe in brown spots, but that you best not even look at the green bananas with hungry eyes. Despite the fact that they are perfectly edible. And quite tasty. All because of an arbitrary standard that has shifted through the ages, and across different societies.

This may be considered TMI, but I've been told that my cum tastes like green bananas. (Does that change your decision?) :-3

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