Sunday, February 4, 2018


Whew! I'm barely getting this post in under the deadline. My apologies - I only discovered that this was Superbowl weekend two days ago, when my partner mentioned she was hosting the game (I find it appropriately ironic that the only people in her immediate family who really care about the game, year after year, are female). So I had very little time to prepare a topical post for today. Certainly not enough to order a new cheerleader uniform (I realize now that the one I have is woefully out of date - pleats seem to be out of fashion).

As you may have guessed from that introduction, I really have zero interest in football. And I grew up in Pittsburgh, so it's not for lack of trying. I can appreciate the excitement that comes along with spectator sports, but there's so much tribalism involved (you don't think your team's opponent's fans are praying to God for victory, too? Do you really think He picks sides?), and I've witnessed too many games where the happiness (or, more often, frustration) of a person I care about is tied to the performance of a team of athletes (as well as the team they're playing against) they have no control or influence over (which is different if you or somebody you know personally is actually on the team).

Besides, you're lucky if you like any of the popular sports - in this country, be it football, basketball, baseball, hockey, etc. (notice that these all tend to be more masculine sports) - and screwed if you don't. Why can't I plop myself down on the sofa and tune in to a gymnastics or volleyball match once or twice a week in season? I enjoyed watching the matches during the last Summer Olympics, but those only come around once every four years. Cheer is pretty fun, too. I watched Cheer Squad on Netflix and enjoyed it very much, but you don't really get to appreciate all the hard work and athleticism that goes into cheer just by watching the cheerleaders at a football game (especially on TV).

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