Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Oiled Up

Here's another set of outtakes from my Why Nudism? project, from the latest entry, which has me oiled up and laid out on a makeshift massage table. Much as it pains me to mix nudism and eroticism (you might find this hard to believe, due to my unflinching candor on the subject, but I don't enjoy blurring the line, considering the extent to which this approach may threaten one of my most beloved pastimes; I just enjoy betraying my dedication to truth and reality even less), if we are to take the nudists' declaration that "nudism is no different from a textile lifestyle, just with less clothes" (or, more simply, "naked is normal") at face value, then an unavoidable conclusion is that, just as in the textile world, some activities may have erotic undertones (or overtones), or lead to sexual activities. Becoming a nudist doesn't make you asexual.

And, whether in a nudist context or not, massage is a very sensual activity. That it has great potential for synergy with sexual activity, does not mean - as with nudism - that it is intrinsically related to sex, or is inherently a sexually explicit activity (of course). But a desire to be ultra-sanitized and politically correct is no reason to ignore or deny this very appealing (in the right contexts - that is, when all involved know what to expect and are okay with that) possibility. Which I display for you here:

There's supposed to be a video to go along with this theme, but for the first time I've run up against Blogger's video file size limit (100MB, if you were wondering). So here's a shortened version of the video, with more excitement to be found, for the determined viewer, on my XTube profile. But this sets a worrying precedent, if I'll have no place to post future videos of a more involved production scheme (which I'm hoping to graduate to, in time), that are not really explicit enough to suit XTube's audience, but too explicit (in terms of nudity) to post on your average family tube site...

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