Monday, January 29, 2018

Hand-Me-Down Fashion Show

I recently received a bundle of clothes from a family friend who is supportive of my fashion interests, and who has a good sense of style (she's not afraid to wear sexy clothes), so I thought this would be a good opportunity to do a "fashion show" (albeit for your eyes only). This batch consists mainly of some strapless/tube dresses, and a few sheer nighties - in other words, very sexy.

My favorite is the black tube dress. It fits more comfortably than the orange one, which is very tight - good for fetish balls, maybe, but not much else - and is rather more discrete. Plus, it glitters like diamonds - it's even more impressive in person. I love it. I could totally see me wearing something like it to prom. I just need to find some strappy heels to go with it.

I also really like the white dress, but it's very snug - prohibitively so. It would need some modifications for me to be able to wear it. Which is a shame, because I like its style. The leopard print top is something I could definitely wear, though - perhaps in the summer. The nighties are sexy, of course, though I don't know how much I'd actually wear them. Having dangly bits kind of throws off the fit.

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