Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Birthday Suit Bash

This should come as no surprise, but I always like to celebrate my birthday in my birthday suit. I'd love to throw a "birthday suit bash" one of these years, but I don't have nearly enough friends who are nudists. This is one of those times when I think nudity should be permitted, even in an otherwise textile society. It's your birthday, after all - you should be able to wear what you want!

I may fantasize about living in a nudist utopia, but I'm willing to make compromises. I can even live with nudity remaining a taboo, just as long as it's not considered criminal. It doesn't have to be common or well-liked, just tolerated. I don't mind being considered an eccentric (at this point, I'm used to it), I just wish I weren't so often compelled to be someone I'm not in the presence of others. Trust me, most people have habits I don't like*, yet I never feel like I'm in a position to just ask them to stop, for my sake. I choose my friends accordingly, and with family, you just have to grin and bear it. So how come nobody grins when I bare it?

*(I'm trying to think of a good analogy, and the first one that comes to mind is smoking. People could make similar arguments about nudity and smoking being "offensive". But while smoking is becoming less tolerated in society these days (the opposite sort of reception that I want nudism to receive), it does involve harmful chemicals - and not just for the smoker, but anyone in the vicinity. Nudism, on the other hand - contrary to popular opinion - can actually be healthy. Even just being exposed to other people's bodies, and not participating yourself, can have a positive effect on body image. So, it's really not a good analogy after all).

As for how old I am, a lady never tells. :-p Actually, I've stopped counting. Age is just a number, anyway. What does it really matter? Unless I'm running for president or trying to get a senior discount, the answer is "old enough".

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