Friday, January 5, 2018

A Work of Art

So, for my latest image in the Why Nudism? series, I was obviously going for a "Michelangelo's David" sort of feel. My original idea for "the human body is a work of art" was to recreate a nude life drawing session. It would have given me an[other] opportunity to include clones in this project. But, alas, I did not have anywhere to shoot that looked suitably like a classroom or art room; nor do I own any easels. So, I settled for turning a corner of my home into something looking vaguely like an art gallery (complete with a printing of Frederic Soulacroix's Spring, one of my favorite nude paintings). Finding the column to stand on, for my imitation of a Greek sculpture, was a pure stroke of luck. Here are some outtakes:

Here I am positioning the painting.

And, a series of alternate poses.

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  1. you should stop working out your legs. get those hips and booty back.