Monday, December 31, 2018

Waiting For The Ball(s) To Drop

My last photoshoot of the year! (And what a year it's been). I wanted to go streaking for New Years, but you know how that goes. So, instead, I re-purposed my prom dress, since I didn't get to "wear it to prom" last spring - anyway, I began thinking that it's more LBD and less fairy tale princess, so maybe it's not the best choice for prom after all. But it's certainly glitzy enough for New Years!

Killing time, waiting for the balls to drop. (That makes me think of some kind of ultra-kinky variation of The Pit and the Pendulum)...

The best thing about this outfit is that I don't have to find matching underwear! -_^

And, of course, wearing it without underwear provides easy access! (Not to mention a fuller range of motion on the dance floor ;-x).

Sadly, still pictures don't do justice to the way this dress sparkles - so here's a video to demonstrate:

Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Laying Down Pipe

The gas company was laying down pipe in front of our house. Seemed like that perfect opportunity I'd been waiting for to shoot something naughty in front of this window. Just wish I'd had more time to plan and prepare...

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Rest & Relaxation

After the exhaustion of the holidays, it's nice to take some time out to relax, de-stress, play with your toys, and recharge your batteries before the new year begins.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Holiday Fitting Room

Kind of an impromptu, last minute fitting session - that I didn't have time in before the holiday. >.>

I have several Christmas tops that I like, but I was looking for some different bottoms to pair them with, besides my go-to jeans. And girls these days are all over leggings (although they don't have to squeeze as much into them as I do, making for a somewhat less modest presentation). This crop top was cute, but I just loved these faux-black leather (actually a polyester/spandex blend) leggings. Every rock star's gotta have a pair of leather pants, right? And they've just gotta be ultra tight.

Of course, it's not a fitting room if you don't have the opportunity to get undressed.

These pajamas were cute, but the sizing was all over the place - the sleeves were way too short on me, yet the waist was way too large. The little Christmas sweater dress on the right was adorable, though - I knew instantly I was going to buy it!

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Swim Briefs (Three Different Ones)

Actually, they're all the same style, just different colors. This is another Christmas gift to myself (the best kind of Christmas gift - because it's difficult sometimes to ask other people for the things you really want). You remember that low-rise swim brief I bought last spring? It's already pretty cheap to begin with, but I happened across a sale, and - knowing that it's a style I like very much - I went ahead and bought it in three other colors. With shipping included, the whole package cost me less than thirty bucks! Next year at the beach, I'll be able to wear a different swimsuit every day!

I thought I'd learned my lesson about the color balance in this room...but I was tempted by the light coming in through that huge window. For comparison, here's the black one I already owned, paired with a string bikini top:

And this is me just fooling around, because bikinis are so much fun!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Dance Dance Resurrection

Have you ever played DDR naked? There's nothing quite like the feeling! I gave myself the gift this Christmas of revisiting an old and beloved pastime - with two new dance pads! I was first introduced to DDR by some friends in high school. My initial reaction to it was to avoid it out of embarrassment - me not being the sort of person who likes to get up in front of people and dance (although I've learned that this is actually a good way to do it, since the arrows give you a sort of script to follow - it's like dancing on training wheels).

I went out on a limb and tried it again in college, mainly because it gave me an excuse to interact with a girl I fancied within the context of a social environment (i.e., it gave me the illusion of having a life). I discovered at this time that DDR was actually quite a lot of fun, and subsequently got hooked on it, dragging my best friend into my obsession. We bought dance pads and hooked them up to a projection screen, and danced with anyone who happened along and wished to join us. At the height of our obsession, we swapped out Dance Dance Revolution with StepMania, a DDR-based computer application with hundreds of songs.

Following the inevitable scattering of friends post-graduation, my dance time dwindled, as the dance pads I had in my possession gradually wore out. There were periods when I would run DDR tracks purely for the exercise, even without a controller connected (not a bad idea, if you don't care about the grades). Such an experience even made it into my Daily Nude Videos project from eight years ago. Since then, though, I've let my DDR Max discs collect dust on the shelf, and have resigned myself to the very infrequent occasion of happening upon a DDR machine "in the wild", so to speak - at an arcade.

Until now, that is. DDR lives again!

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Presents Under The Tree

Merry Christmas!

Test shot (actually turned out really well, in spite of the dramatic lighting), and final execution. I do so love the "naked behind a present" portrait concept.

I think it's amusing that I went out and bought the biggest bow I could find, and it still struggles to cover me up completely!

I couldn't decide between these two photos. But I took some more posing under the tree, and with my bigger camera.

How would you like to wake up and find this under your tree on Christmas morning?

I bought you a sex toy for Christmas. It's the latest model. Go ahead and try it out!

Did you get what you wanted?

Monday, December 24, 2018

Santa Baby

Honoring my Christmas blues tradition (a tradition I've been thinking about retiring once and for all) in a slightly different incarnation - now in pink!

Please let me sleep, it's Christmas time.

Naughty and nice are about as easy to keep track of on XXX-mas as pain and pleasure are in a sadomasochistic sex dungeon. Still, it's fun to have two different paths to ecstasy.

The dress code forbids panties underneath skirts - naughty girls will have theirs stripped off and their asses spanked. The nice girls get to sit on Santa's lap.

Well, what do you think? Has little Cindy Clause been naughty or nice this year?