Thursday, October 19, 2017

Why Nudism? (Part 10)

Was ever a more pointless garment invented? I've heard arguments both for and against wearing swimsuits for hygienic purposes, and honestly, I can't imagine how it would make much of a difference. Showering before you get in the pool? Sure. But whether or not you're wearing a swimsuit? I don't think so. So what's the point? They don't keep you dry. They don't protect you from the sun (people still use sunscreen and go tanning in swimsuits, precisely because they expose so much of the body). The baggy ones that men too often wear can bunch up and dangerously obstruct one's movement while swimming. And after you get out of the water, you're stuck walking around in a soggy suit - you're more likely to take it off (awkwardly and uncomfortably peeling it off your body) before it ever dries. The only purpose I could envision swimsuits having is to protect your modesty, and they don't even do that particularly well - a common belief among nudists is that, in the same way that censor bars can make fine art look scandalous by the power of suggestion, by emphasizing certain parts of the body, swimsuits are actually more sexual than plain nudity. Besides, skinny dipping is a beloved pastime, and one of the few, rare opportunities textiles have to experience the sheer joy of casual nudity. Let's not lose that.

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