Monday, September 18, 2017

Solar Therapy

I'm totally a warmbody. The heat and the sunshine feels so amazing against my skin. I often feel like I should move south, and "go where the weather suits my clothes" (or lack thereof). I know that sex has no place in nudism, but if it's the activity of being nude itself (either at home, outdoors, or around others) that gets you excited, I don't see why that shouldn't be embraced as part of the lifestyle. If you enjoy white water rafting so much that it actually turns you on, you're still a legitimate white water rafter. And so long as you're not behaving lewdly or bending someone over and fucking them right there in front of others, then I don't see any problem.

I wish we could separate sexual arousal from sexual activity in our minds. But then, maybe I'm really not like most people, after all. Although I'd prefer to believe that I've simply stumbled upon an alternative way of thinking, if only I could just persuade the rest of the world to get on board. Okay, maybe I'm delusional. But I can't deny that it works for me (apart from the difficulties fitting in). Imagine a world that unselfconsciously celebrates the beauty of eroticism, without necessarily devolving into a 24/7 group orgy. Not that group orgies can't be fun, but they require a certain amount of planning and organization (making sure the participants all want to have sex with each other, and knowing what their likes/boundaries are) for maximum pleasure.

I just don't want people assuming that erections inevitably lead to intercourse. I mean, there's literally nothing harmful about somebody walking down a public street with a raging hard-on. It's the fear of what that could lead to, based on what we associate it with, that makes people uncomfortable. Call me crazy, but I want to disassociate erections with sex. They'r sexual, but not everything sexual has to involve sex. I want to end the demonization and compartmentalization (literally relegating it to the bedroom, or else under your clothing) of sexual arousal.

And the only difference that practicing nudism makes is that you can see it. Guys are getting hard all the time under their clothes, for all kinds of reasons. If nudism is truly about doing things just like textiles do them, but without clothes on, then seeing an erection spring up every now and then should be a regular occurrence. It only has as much meaning as we give it. And right now, the meaning we're giving it is indicative of our sex-negative (which is not exclusive of being sex-obsessed) culture. All I'm saying is there's a better way.

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