Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Outfit of the Day (nopan version)

I love this little pink dress. It's one of my favorite things to wear. I love it so much, I own two! And it's hard to believe, but I've had them since from a time before I started shaving my legs. (Are you tired of seeing it yet)? It's not perfect. When I'm in a self-conscious mood, I worry that it emphasizes my broad shoulders and flat chest, to the point of making me look like "a man in a dress" (notwithstanding counter-stereotypes). But when I'm being less self-critical, I think it looks downright adorable. I love how skimpy it is - cutting off just above the chest and at the upper thigh - it totally flatters my legs, which are one of my best features, and the placement of the ruffles does a pretty good job of hiding my bulge (assuming I'm wearing underwear - otherwise the sway of my free-standing member tends to resonate with the pleats in dangerous harmony). And yet it covers enough to be perfectly street legal (and the neck tie keeps it from falling down, although I do have to constantly adjust it to keep it from sagging, especially now that it's a bit old and worn out). And it's so quick and easy to put on and slip off! It's a great thing to wear during the summer (or late fall), when it's ninety degrees out. I wish I had more dresses like this.

And here, I believe, is my first Outfit of the Day in video form (just because I can). :-3

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