Saturday, August 12, 2017

Tanning Outtakes

A couple of outtakes from my tanning session for the photoshoot I posted the results of yesterday. I wasn't originally going to do this shot yet - I only had the bathroom one planned to begin with - as I was waiting for the weather to get a little bit more summery first (it's been cloudy and cool for a few days), but I looked out the window, and I saw some sunshine, and I felt inspired!

I could've picked a better day, though, because after I had everything set up, I found myself waiting around a lot for the sun to peek out between cloud breaks, then rushing to fire off as many shots as I could while I laid in the sun, before it slipped back behind another bank of clouds. Still, all's well that ends well!

This is what happens when you expose for the sun, and instead get shade. However, the mood lighting looks interesting, and I like the improved contrast in the contours of my body. I wouldn't call this shot a failure - more like a happy accident.

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