Thursday, March 30, 2017

Art and Exhibitionism

My interest in photography was not purely precipitated by my penchant for exhibitionism; records will show that I was taking pictures of clouds and sunsets before I ever posed nude in front of a camera (with one notable exception). Nonetheless, it is safe to say that if it hadn't been for my exhibitionistic curiosity, I would never have developed the experience, passion, and talent (such as it is) for artistic photography that I now possess.

When I started out taking pictures of myself - first as treats for a girlfriend, then later for my own amusement - my primary concern was the thrill of exposure (or, early on, the tease of near-exposure). And while I will not disparage that motivation - as, indeed, there is nothing wrong with liking to be looked at - one cannot deny that photography is a visual art, and creating good-looking pictures requires skill and determination.

I wasn't satisfied with remaining a garden variety pervert, and so it was that I aspired to become a better model and photographer. After all, you can still get the thrill of exposure from an artistic photograph; and though it is more difficult, the hard work that you put in is worth it, as it is far more rewarding to produce a potentially enduring work of art (that is, nevertheless, also hot) than a forgettable snapshot, the purpose of which is nothing more than to get your rocks off.

Furthermore, your efforts will lend sophistication to a much-maligned aspect of human nature. Perhaps not every amateur exhibitionist can live up to these expectations, but it's worth noting that something so ordinarily undignified as exhibitionism can, like anything else, potentially inspire one to greatness. For it is not exhibitionism that is inherently undignified - just many exhibitionists that are. And isn't that true of everything within the realm of human nature, according to the law of averages? Let us, then, refrain from making categorical imperatives, and instead give human diversity the room it needs to spread its wings.

(And legs).

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