Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year, New Calendar

One of two calendars I have for 2017. (The other one seemed slightly less appropriate for this context :-p).


  1. That looks like a gorgeous calendar. I.... can't say I wasn't hoping (before I read the words) that the second picture would be with your other calendar. As someone who knows you, I'd find it very kitschy and funny. But clearly to those less familiar, they could interpret it as sinister.

  2. Yeah. I can't help thinking of Eidos' blanket ban on Nude Raider, because they didn't want kids "googling 'Tomb Raider' and landing on porn". (And Lara Croft was *created* with sex appeal!). I don't agree with that position ( - among other reasons, because nudity is not inherently pornographic - but the entity in question is so wholesome (which is part of its escapist charm), that something like this could definitely be interpreted as a punch in the face. Not that *its* reputation would waver, but I do have to think about my own.