Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Naked Housemaid

What's wrong with having a little eye candy in your life? I mean, seriously, what's so terrible about that? I feel like I'm living in the midst of this civilization (although I use that term lightly) of instinct-driven animals, who, upon the sight of another naked human being, can't think of anything other than fucking - right then, right there. And that, to prevent this civilization from devolving into a constant, massive orgy (although honestly, would that be so bad?), all we can do is hide our nakedness - out of sight, out of mind. And though there are some self-styled "luminaries" in this world who perceive this carnal instinct as a moral failing, distracting us from more cultured pursuits - the sort that esteem us as an allegedly intelligent species above the rest of the animal kingdom - I feel like I can enjoy the sight of a naked human body, appreciate the way that it makes me feel due to evolutionary biology, and yet still conduct myself as a cultured, higher being with dignity and possession of self-control. And I feel like this - not turning your back on your prime directive and pretending (against all belief) that you are a pure and sexless being - is what it means to be "evolved" or "enlightened". Not to run from your baser instincts, but to gain command over them.

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