Saturday, September 17, 2016

Outfit of the Day (#ootd)

A Saturday morning special!

I had to rush out to the post office this morning (even before breakfast!), so I threw on my latest pajamas. I normally don't like to wear clothes for sleeping or lounging around the house in (and when I do, the less the better), but I've been trying some new things lately.

Even though I don't generally go for the "pajama pants" look (a shirt and panties are more feminine, and infinitely sexier), I wanted to get a pair recently so I would have something warm and comfy to sleep in on those occasions when I'm out camping in a tent, and the nights are cooler than I'd like. And I found this adorable pair that just screams me - they're a beautiful shade of oceanic teal, decorated with The Little Mermaid! (Who, if you don't know, was my first cartoon character crush, and one of the first times I remember in my childhood being completely entranced by a pretty girl - so, even though I'm more of a faerie than a mermaid guy, Ariel has a special significance for me).

As for the shirt - which I love - before you accuse me of narcissism, I never would have picked it out for myself, but my roommate actually bought it for me because she genuinely believes that I am flawlessly beautiful even when I've just rolled out of bed. Hey, I'm not going to complain - it's nice to have someone that feels that way about you, even if I try to keep in mind that her perspective is biased. But now I can wear the shirt both unironically and without guilt, and I love having an excuse to put it on whenever I haven't had time to properly wake up and shake the dreams from my hair (in a manner of speaking).

And, here's a version without pants - just for fun, and because I've been told I have great legs, and I think legs are really sexy, and in the spirit of Ariel getting her own pair (which I suspect may be the cause of my own interest in legs).

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