Friday, September 16, 2016

Mental Ableism in the Realm of Sex

(This is a rant aimed at society's despicable morality police - especially those of which who try to convince themselves that they're actually "sex positive" - the only ones they're fooling are themselves).

I am so sick of "mental ableism" in the realm of love and sex. I have a personality disorder that makes it difficult for me to build social contacts and meet people. But just because I cannot find a relationship that satisfies your definition of normality, I'm not allowed to seek intimacy and sexual pleasure on other terms? You have every right to believe that things like pornography and prostitution are "immoral", just as I have the right to disagree. And you have every freedom to choose not to indulge in or support those things. But you cannot pursue measures that would make it harder for me to do so - because that is an infringement on my freedom.

Maybe if I had a perfect mate who is and does everything I could ever want or hope for, I'd be satisfied, but that is an idealistic fantasy, and real life doesn't work like that. If you've managed to convince yourself otherwise, then congratulations, but don't make me suffer for your delusions. I make no apologies for the fact that I am a pervert, but I try very hard not to be a "creep". I don't want to go around making people uncomfortable, committing acts of dubious moral integrity - spying on people, lying to people, and things of that sort. But that's what happens when you attempt to suppress people's sexual expression.

I want there to be sexy people out there who want to share their sexiness with the world - and there are. But all your petty, conservative restrictions do is make it hard for me and other people like me to find them. Laws against coercion, deception, violation of consent, privacy, et cetera are perfectly acceptable and expected. But they should not be thinly veiled covers for anti-porn, anti-prostitution, anti-contraceptive morality statutes. You do love and sex your way. But don't you dare try to legislate how I do my love and sex.

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