Friday, July 1, 2016

Try This On For Size (Bikini Edition!)

Let's just get those out of the way right from the start this time. :p

I thought this looked like an interesting top, but I quickly discovered in the fitting room that it was designed for a much bustier woman. I picked two different bottoms to pair it with, as it looked like it could go well with either. I thought the stripes would contrast more with the stars on the top, giving the ensemble more of a fuller flag effect (and it doesn't look bad!), but ultimately I liked it better paired with the matching bottoms with the stars (no pic, sorry). In any case, it was a no-go, thanks to the top.

I fell in love with this bikini the instant I spied it on the racks at Target. I ended up trying it on twice (in different sizes), and shelling out thirty bucks for it (by comparison, Old Navy was selling its swim separates for eight dollars a piece on sale). But it looks so great! I've tried on so many bikinis that all pretty much look the same (and a lot with cheesy patterns), but this one stands out. It's a beautiful dark shade of teal, with a black mesh layer over top, giving it a bit of a shimmering effect. Then you have these solid black lines going across to give it some substance and style. The top is rather tight - there's no hook or clasp, so you actually have to slip it on and off over your head. I had to compromise between the tight band going across my ribs, and the size of the breast cups, which tend to correlate. If I had gone any bigger, it would have been even more obvious that I have nothing to fill those cups with.

The bottoms don't have much room, either - which is sexy (less is more when it comes to bikinis), but not very forgiving of my package (which is why I doubt I could wear this anywhere but to a fetish ball, and I don't know of any of those in my area). Still, altogether I think it looks fantastic, and even just wearing it in front of the mirror fills me with the joyful fantasy of being a girl and being able to totally slay at the pool feeling confident in a killer bikini. They say money can't buy happiness, but it can temporarily fund the illusion of happiness!

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