Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Raw Bodies

I like to create beautiful art, because one of my goals as an erotic artist is to prove that you can take pictures of naked bodies and sex acts in a way that is tasteful, and aesthetically appealing, by adhering to the classical rules of composition, and by striving to flatter the subject even in what are sometimes considered unflattering poses and situations. I try to avoid vulgarity partly because it simply doesn't appeal to me, and also because it tends to undermine this goal. That having been said, I'm not going to say that I will never (and have never) produced vulgar works, because I don't like to limit myself as an artist, and you have to push yourself to see where the lines - yours as well as those of society - will be drawn. And I've found that, on occasion, there is a certain draw to a raw, naked body, just lying there, unselfconsciously exposed, that is probably primal in nature. What do you think? Do you occasionally have the urge to just get down and dirty?

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