Saturday, June 11, 2016

Dorm Selfies

Including a couple outfits of the day. Like this one:

I love this shirt. It's so cute. It plays up the best parts of my shoulders (like the freckles), without emphasizing their broadness, as tank tops tend to do. (Gosh, I look so skinny in this picture!)

What's life without the occasional naked selfie, hmm? A lot less exciting - that's what!

Trying a formal hairstyle - the braided bun. It looks nice, but the rest of my hair seemed to be suffering from an attack of the frizzies. We ended up going for a rather different approach, and it was ultimately the right choice.

Another cute shirt - blue butterflies. It's very pretty, with little silver sequins for an occasional (but not overdone) bit of sparkle.

Thong, th-thong thong thong. :-D

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