Wednesday, June 29, 2016

An Angry Rant

(You have been warned)

The more I think about it, the more I have to wonder if I'm not truly abnormal, in that I want to be surrounded by beautiful, naked creatures on a daily basis. I mean, this is probably not that unusual a fantasy, at least going by the way a stereotypical man's mind tends to function (although a conventional man would probably want something more akin to a roaming orgy, than a living, breathing art gallery).

But in my case, there is little - if anything - else in life that seems quite so appealing to me. I don't care about building a family. I don't care about making money (except insofar as it would make life more comfortable). My personal handicaps make social interaction (including creating and maintaining friendships) often more trouble than it's worth. Being surrounded by beautiful, naked creatures is the only thing I really feel is worth dedicating my life's effort to.

I don't know whether that makes me weird, or if it's just that one weird thing everybody has (okay, maybe not everybody) that they happen to be living for. Of course, going about getting it is one great, big mystery. But the thing that really irritates me is how much other people seem to want to get in the way of me getting what I want, just because it seems weird to them.

Like, you don't have to live in my naked utopia. And, obviously, one of the difficulties of constructing this naked utopia would be finding attractive people who don't mind being naked eye candy. (But it's not like they'd have to stand on pedestals 16 hours a day - they can all lead normal lives, I just want to be around them while they do so).

But there is so much ingrained social programming that stands in the way of anybody even accepting a life like that. Nudism is fantastic, but it's hampered by a serious demographics problem. Granted, the point of nudism is not aestheticism. But the sometimes neurotic lengths to which they emphasize "body positivity" (as opposed to a more classical pro-fitness stance), and their phobia of cameras and "sexualized" depictions of nudity in popular media, demonstrates the problem we have in this culture with appreciating beauty.

To be sure, our culture fetishizes beauty to an incredible extent. Ask any moral conservative, and they'll complain about the "pornification" of culture, all the way down to the clothes children wear in primary school (because keeping a watchful eye on the length of little girls' shorts - and complaining about how distracting they are - is totally not pervy, nuh uh, no way). But in spite of this erotic beauty cult that exists, if you dare to glorify in it, you not only sacrifice your reputation as an upstanding, God-fearing citizen (as if religion should even still matter in this post-modern age), but people will actively try to bar you from indulging in the same things that the advertising industry is trying to sell you!

It's all an artifice. An image that we are exposed to. Inundated with. But we are not allowed to live it. I glory in the beauty I frequently see in the world around me, just walking down the street. But god forbid you should want to take a picture to remember the sight by - you'll have people screaming at you for invading their privacy (in public), calling for you to be subjected to a modern version of branding, with the scarlet letters of "sex offender" - the lowliest of lowly scum that exists in modern society.

Forget the violent offenders - the abusers, the murderers - and the drug offenders (and I don't mean petty weed offenses here). Hell, even the rapists are honored for having the balls to just reach out and take what they want. No, the worst of them all is the pathetic, 40 year old virgin who "pervs" on women and girls in a way that is not actually harmful, but just "creepy". Because we're not allowed to acknowledge the fact that the very reason we exist - the reason we walk and talk and eat and sleep and shit and breathe fresh air - is because of the natural attraction that exists between the sexes.

No, that doesn't mean that we can't talk about healthy and unhealthy ways to express those feelings. But can we at least start with a basic, rudimentary understanding that men are animated by the feelings that they get from women? It is, to a large extent, their raison d'etre. And I don't think it's always necessarily sexual, but I feel like it's related to that fundamental drive.

Because if you're going to take away all the toxic ways that men can demonstrate their appreciation of women - and this is a laudable goal - you must be willing to join us at the table of discussing those healthier ways that men can continue to pursue that sweet nectar of the gods that appears in the form of women. For if you just leave us hanging, unfulfilled, with no outlet for our mania, the pressure will build, and the situation will only get worse.

Listen, if you want to go create a sexless society, where women never have to worry about being hit on, then I support you in your endeavor 100%. Just go and do it already, and stop infecting the rest of us with your anhedonic poison, like a corpse strolling through a beautiful garden, leaving nothing but death and decay in its wake.

(You were warned)

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