Friday, May 6, 2016

No Panties Day

The following picture was inspired by a photo I saw on deviantART. I think that the juxtaposition of being clothed and just about as fully exposed as one can be is fascinating. Call it "clothed nudity" if you will.

In the same year that I began my nude photography hobby in earnest (2008), I found out about a little known holiday called No Pants Day, which I am to understand occurs on the first Friday of every May (taking "casual Friday" to the next level!). I don't think it's a very big holiday - I've yet to come across anyone else who celebrates it. It is, also - despite being a holiday entirely up my alley - unfortunately a difficult holiday to celebrate, because it's a lot less fun going around in public without your pants on when there's the fear of being called out, kicked out (of stores), and getting in trouble with the decency police. It's one of those holidays (sadly, like Slut Day, which I created) that doesn't really work unless you've got a lot of people celebrating it - because there's strength in numbers. If there's a group of people walking around without pants on, people will think there's something to it, and be more willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. If it's just one person walking around without pants on, people are liable to think that they must either be some kind of pervert or lunatic. So, it's been very hard for me to actually celebrate this holiday since I've discovered it, although I have liked to occasionally use it as inspiration for my photography.

This year, I was thinking about more practical alternatives to walking around without pants on, and I thought of the possibility of wearing a skirt without panties on underneath. It's a little bit more surreptitious - people probably wouldn't know to glance at you - yet it's still freeing and a little naughty. Except, the problem is, it doesn't work so well if you're a guy. Bypassing the fact that for most men, wearing a skirt itself would be a bizarre fashion movement (because for me, personally, it wouldn't be unusual), there's the fact that a man's anatomy is not designed for wearing skirts - especially without anything on underneath. Speaking from dangerous experience, if the skirt is too short, there's the trouble of your stuff hanging out below the hem. And as you're walking along without support, you're liable to flop around and make a show of yourself, even beneath the skirt. If you dare to get excited - being open to the air in public as you are - you run the risk of creating a very conspicuous bulge, and possibly even causing your skirt to lift up fully, displaying your arousal for all the world to see. While some perverts might certainly get off on this (it's a hot fantasy!), suffice to say, this is not a great way to have a good time while avoiding getting into trouble.

And so, we're back to the drawing board. If anyone knows of any way to make No Pants Day more palatable and easier to celebrate, I'm all ears. Sadly, I have the same problem with World Naked Gardening Day, which I believe is tomorrow. It's another one of those holidays that you can't really celebrate (except under very limited conditions that not everyone has access to) without worrying about having a chat with the local police. These are holidays I support and believe in, and I want to spread the word! But I'm stuck, and I can't celebrate them. Surely, there must be some other way to participate...

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