Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Sailor Stripper Moon

Here's a sneak peek at a cosplay I'm planning for this spring. It's in response to every sex negative prude who's ever criticized a Sailor Moon cosplayer for pairing her outfit with so-called "stripper boots", or slut-shamed any cosplayer for playing up the sex appeal (whether canonical or fan-imagined) of the character they're cosplaying. I call it "Sailor Stripper Moon". It consists of a pair of Sailor Moon-themed lingerie (bra, panties, and skirt - plus accessories) that I picked up at the con last year, along with a pair of stripper boots that I just bought with my Xmas savings. You can grumble all you want about the sexy people you encounter in the world, but know this: we aren't going anywhere. So you might as well get used to us.

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