Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Stranded in the Fitting Room

With no clothes! I had to sneak back through the store, and grab something to put on, before anybody saw me.

Just kidding. :p This was a cute dress, but I had the all-too-often problem of not being able to zip it up fully in the back. (I would have thought that my wide ribs would have been balanced out by my lack of a bust, but whatever...)


  1. Yeah, I figured you were kidding, lol. Still, a cool fantasy. Would make a nice scene in a movie.

    I like your poses in these shots, and the different gender cues they send. Photo 1, which is clearly very masculine, lol, shows your legs and feet opened up, ready for action. Photo 2 shows you in a feminine, retiring mode, with your toes pointing toward one another, and your legs almost touching at the knees – both very sensual in the suggestion of skin to skin contact. I think you look really sweet in photo 2!

    A couple days ago I found myself alone in front of a full length mirror, and after looking at my image for a while I started to make some poses like you do – with my legs at interesting angles and my feet arched, etc. Of course, me posing like that is more of a joke than anything else, but still I enjoyed it – I felt sexy and I liked how I looked. I imagined I was posing for you as a photographer, and it was a fun fantasy.

  2. Your movie comment reminded me of an obscure movie I watched once, some teen comedy, in which a group of girls go on a sort of "scavenger hunt", and one of their dares is to dress up a group of mannequins at a store in their own clothes. I thought that meant they would use the clothes right from off their backs, and would then have to retreat in their underwear (or less), but to my disappointment, they brought along separate clothes from their closets to dress the mannequins with...

  3. Ah, there's no accounting for the lack of imagination of filmmakers, lol. Your version is infinitely better.

    I could imagine you in photo 2 pretending to be a mannequin in a movie, to escape some bad guys or whatever, except in my version of the movie you would get horny, and your hard cock would produce a noticeable projection in the front of the dress. One of the bad guys – established as a neat freak – would try to flatten out the bump with his hand, but would find that it springs back, only a bit bigger this time. Things could go lots of different ways after that, lol. Anyway, it's a movie I'd watch!

  4. Lol. Slapstick - in the most literal sense!