Tuesday, June 2, 2015


My close friend and occasional photographic assistant took this picture while we were lounging on the porch one day (she voluntarily transferred ownership of the image to me, as per our usual arrangement), during a playful moment when I was getting a little naughty. By her own admission, she doesn't have a strong talent or motivation to be a photographer, but I always enjoy seeing the results after one of those rare times when she gets inspired to capture a little bit of what she sees in me.

I wish I had more pictures like this one - genuine portraits, in contrast to the carefully posed shots I invariably take. Not that the latter aren't valuable - I've surely built my whole portfolio around them - but there's a piece missing, that you can see in shots like this one. If it's true that a portrait is a document of the relationship between the subject and the artist, then certainly this picture demonstrates one of the best facets of the relationship between me and the photographer. We are very open and comfortable with each other - and we're both huge perverts, which makes our lives fun and exciting, all of which I think is exemplified by the warm smile on my face.

There's something magical about the ability to capture a moment in time, or a person's demeanor or personality, in a photograph like this. I think I'm so amazed by it because it's something that eludes me, as an artist who is locked into the constraints of having to meticulously set up every shot I take, because it is of me, and I can't be photographer and model simultaneously. Even with the many mirrors I set up around my house to spark my creativity, chances are when I see a pose or a moment I want to capture, I have to grab my camera first, and then try to recreate it.

It's not that I'm a total narcissist - although I couldn't blame anyone for thinking that, judging from my photography - but I actually have considerable difficulty interacting socially with other people, so to get to a point where I could take casual pictures of them is exceedingly rare and difficult. Plus, you have to have the sort of person who's willing to expose themselves on camera - which requires a certain level of trust in the photographer, that he will strive to flatter the subject - but is also a skill that good models have, to be able to actually relax and get comfortable when somebody is taking pictures of you, and not freeze up and get nervous like most people do.

Still, it's something I hope I'll get a chance to try...someday.

(By request, here are some alternates from this shoot):


  1. I really love this photo! It's delightful. Your smile is so genuine and relaxed that it makes me smile every time I see it. What a wonderful capture of a lovely moment.

    Your almost nude body is so beautiful. I like the shapes of your arms and chest. I especially like the shape of your thighs – oh my goodness, such a beautiful shape with lovely smooth skin. Would love to run my hands along your thighs to feel them for myself. Also, your calves are fantastic. What great shapes, especially in your left leg. Again, it would be so nice to stroke it and see what it feels like. Your feet are also lovely. I like the perfect arch shape of your left foot. Mmmmm, delightful.

    And, of course, I really love your beautiful hard cock pointing toward the sky. I love how relaxed you are, and in contrast how hard and excited your cock is. Such a nice combination of mixed signals.

    When I look at this photo, I think of the following: Suppose you were to crop this photo just below your shoulders. It would look like a beautiful smiling person enjoying the outdoors. Then move the crop line down a bit to just below your nipples. Now it would have just a bit more of an edge to it. Move the crop line down to just below the tip of your cock and wowowow, suddenly society would go a bit crazy. Reveal the whole picture and it would be censored. What a shame. I think the picture is just wonderful in every way, and we should all be comfortable posting pics of ourselves just like this. I'm so glad you do!!!!

    I would love to share a smile with you like this, especially with both of us nice and hard and exposed to the great outdoors. Just enjoying some of the beauties of life.

    P. S. Do you have any more photos from this series? I'd love to see more if they're available.

  2. Yeah, I really like the smile too. That's something I don't get in my self-portraits - I'm always so focused on the job of getting a good picture, that my face tends to feature a rather stern-looking expression. Even when I do try to smile on cue, it can never be as authentic as this one here, which is completely real.

    I was definitely taking advantage of the fact that everything looked normal from my shoulders up - in case anybody on the ground down below happened to glance up at me, they'd have no idea what was going on!

    It was a very quick and impromptu shoot, but I've added some alternate shots to the bottom of the post as per your request.

  3. Oh thanks. So kind of you to take the time to post the additional shots. I love the whole series, so much so that I'm now as hard as you are in the photos, lol. Wow, that happened fast!

    I like the first alternate shot, where your hand is touching your hard cock. That's hot, especially the way your finger extends along the shaft. It looks like maybe you're pushing down a bit on your cock, creating some tension in it.

    Similarly, I like your concentration in the second shot. Nice.

    The third shot is particularly exciting. Flipping through the pictures it looks like maybe you released your cock with its built up tension in photo 2 and it sprung upright in photo 3. Or maybe you just flexed your cock muscles, and made it stand up. Either way, I've flipped back and forth between photos 2 and 3 several times, and I love how your cock pops upright. Oh man, that is hot, just that bit of motion. I also love your smile in photo 3 – nice, relaxed, warm, friendly, just like in your original photo but this time you're smiling at your beautiful cock.

    Thanks again for the additional shots. I got a great deal of enjoyment from them – and I'm still hard, lol.

  4. I'm glad to hear that you've gotten some enjoyment out of them.