Saturday, June 13, 2015

Outfit of the Day (#ootd)

This is the skimpier alternative to my go-to athletic shorts (seen here, here, and here). I tend to wear them more often when I'm going out into the woods and am expecting more privacy, since a significant percentage of "civilization" apparently isn't mature enough to handle a man (or hell, even a woman) in such skimpy shorts (although I do push the boundaries a lot, especially with my swimsuits). They're pretty light, and cool, and show off a lot (especially in the back), so I typically wear them with a thong (for better and worse).

Honestly - and this isn't simply to pump myself up - I feel like the world isn't ready for the challenge of my unconventional erotic beauty. People get one look at me, and their brains short-circuit, because they simply don't know what to do with the visual information they're receiving. I see it in their eyes every time. It's like I'm an alien from another planet, but that's just the way I am. I don't do it for the attention - the attention actually makes me uncomfortable. But I do it because it feels right. It feels like this is who I'm supposed to be.

"Be yourself; everybody else is taken."


  1. Well, I think it "looks right," too. Of course, I really like the person you are, and have for a long time.

    My favorite is the first picture. Did you take it yourself? Cool setting, with the wood grain and a kind of boxed in feel.

    Again, I like your smile in this one, and your body is really shown off nicely with this low viewpoint. Especially your legs, which are fantastic! I just love the shape and texture of your thighs and calves. Wow. Of course, your chest and arms are delightful, too. Nice pose, as usual, with one leg flexed slightly and in profile.

    I was also interested to see you holding a volleyball. Do you play? Volleyball is the one sport I took seriously, and played at a competitive level. I was a good outside hitter, and a pretty decent setter, too. I really enjoy the sport, especially doubles play. I'd love to play with you, though I'm sure I would be a bit distracted by your beautiful body shown off so nicely in your lovely outfit. Would be fun, anyway.

    Did you go to some public places in this outfit? I'd love to hear any nice reactions you had (that guy in Wal-Mart was a total moronic jerk/loser, but at least he proves Neanderthals didn't go extinct – they are still very much with us, lol). I hope you had a nice day, and a good volleyball game!

  2. The first picture was taken by my same friend that took the "porch-rait" picture. She was following me up the stairs, and yes, I too remarked at how the angle emphasized my long legs!

    On this day, we drove out to a nearby state park with some walking trails deep in the woods, where we don't typically run into a lot of people. They have a volleyball net there, next to the parking lot, so I took my volleyball to get a little practice.

    I got into volleyball a couple years ago, entirely thanks to its popularity among nudists. My favorite resort holds a competition every summer, and so I decided to take it up. I think it's a lot of fun, especially playing on the sand. But I don't know of any local leagues (that don't consist of high school students), and I don't have anyone to practice with at home, which is unfortunate.

  3. Ah, that's too bad. I'm in a similar situation– in my case, no one to practice or play volleyball with these days. If we lived near one another it would be fun to practice together.

    Are you wearing a thong under the shorts? It looks kind of like there's nothing but you underneath.

    Your shorts remind me of a similar white pair I bought several years ago. It was so sexy that I got hard in the dressing room when trying them on in the store. At home I modified them by cutting out the inside layer, leaving just the slightest see-thru layer between me and the world. I wore them around the house a lot, and even wore them when my friend from work came over to watch porn with me. Boy, she could see everything – and there was a lot to see – though we both pretended nothing unusual was going on, lol. I loved those shorts, and still have them, but haven't worn them for a while now. Maybe I'll get them out this summer.

  4. Yeah, I was wearing a thong. The second picture from this post is from the same day:

    I'm sometimes tempted to wear shorts like these with nothing underneath, but at this short of a length, I'd definitely end up hanging out the bottom sooner or later. I can imagine some situations where that might be desirable (like your scenario!), but generally I need the extra coverage.