Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Legs 'n' Feet

"She's got long legs, and little bitty feet"

Don't be ashamed if you like certain parts of the body that aren't typically associated with sex. Part of the truth about beauty is owning up to the things that turn you on. I've always been a leg man, myself (tip: in addition to the popular summer trend of wearing short shorts and flip flops, gymnastics is pretty awesome, too). Not that I don't appreciate some good old-fashioned T&A (although I'm a proud supporter of the Itty Bitty Titty Comittee), but long legs (and long hair) have always been the first things to draw my eye towards a girl.

Legs are relatively accepted as a point of attraction, however. Feet, on the other hand, still have some stigma attached to them, despite being one of the most popular fetishes. I'll admit that I've spent much of my life thinking that feet were just gross, but there's a big difference between ugly feet on someone you're not attracted to, and well-groomed feet on somebody you think is just gorgeous. Or perhaps it's an acquired taste.

I still think that the porn industry (and, by extension, the audience that consumes it) goes too far. Footjobs are sexy, but I really don't want to bury my face in high resolution closeups of people's feet (much less lick them, unless I'm on a humiliation kick). Correspondingly, I think long hair is beautiful, but I really have no desire to jizz all over it. But then, I'm more into softcore eroticism, and I'm really not a true partialist.

Even when I like parts of a person's body, or things that are associated with the type of people I'm attracted to, it's still the whole gestalt of the person that turns me on, more than the individual parts. That's why I like pictures of girls who are bare-legged and barefooted more than I like closeups of their legs and feet. Similarly, I like the cute and sexy clothes that girls wear, but if they were to take them off, I'd be more interested in the girl than the pile of clothes on the floor. (Okay, maybe that was a loaded scenario :p).

Still, I'm an equal opportunity pervert, and I like to do what I can to make people feel more comfortable with their various fetishes and turn-ons (or whatever you want to call them). Liking "weird" things is actually not all that uncommon. We just all like different weird things, and it's hard for us to understand the weird things that others like, so we all tend to keep it to ourselves, for fear of judgment, and end up thinking we're the only ones who like things that are weird.

But I'm not in the business of shaming people for liking things that are weird or unusual, because that's not sex-positive, and it goes against the very concept of being truthful about beauty. So as long as your fetish doesn't involve hurting people (against their consent) - or even if it does, as long as you stick to fantasy and roleplay - relax, and indulge your fetish. A person's character is defined by how they behave toward themselves and others, not by what turns them on.

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