Sunday, May 17, 2015

Outfit of the Day (#ootd)

I found an excuse to wear this dress! Not that I really need one, I guess - wanting to wear it is reason enough. It just seems like a dress this nice should be reserved for something fancier than the grocery store. But formal ball or not, a few of us girls decided to get dressed up the other day for a birthday shopping spree. Dresses, makeup, purses, and Barbie dolls were the order of the day. It was fun. ^_^


  1. Very pretty! I especially like the photo on the left – such an engaging smile, and lovely legs and sandals.

    This would be a cool dress to wear out with nothing underneath. With that photo on the left, I can't help but wonder what it would look like if the dress was a little shorter, lol. In any case, you're so pretty, and have such fantastic legs, that if I ran across you in the store I would be spellbound. Mmmm. Did you get any reactions like that?

  2. If I were a girl, I could definitely see me wearing it with nothing underneath. As it is, though, I'd be concerned about inadvertently "raising the curtain" if I were to get excited. I had enough trouble flashing people in the parking lot while trying on shoes at a sidewalk sale. ;-p

    I didn't notice anybody getting spellbound at the sight of me, but a woman at a yard sale remarked at how dressed up we all looked, and I distinctly overheard (and intentionally ignored) some unenlightened subhuman at Walmart telling me to "get that dress off, boy!"