Friday, January 30, 2015

Past & Present

I've been a little behind on my "year end festivities" this year - not that there's any rush. As you may be familiar with by now (if you've been paying attention :p), at the end of every year I like to go through all the photos I took throughout the previous year, and post a selection of the best of them in the gallery on my webpage. It's growing into a pretty formidable portfolio for me, and while it's getting pretty large now that I'm entering my eighth year as a serious nude/erotic photographer, I like that it shows my progression through the years as my equipment has improved and I've gained experience, and I've visited and revisited different themes in my photography.

So here are some links you should be familiar with (although consider yourself ahead of the curve if you're reading this, as most people seem to have trouble even locating my blog):

My main photography page:
My erotic photography page (which can be accessed from the previous link):
My erotic photography gallery (which, also, can be accessed from the previous link):
Here are the specific pages for this past year's photography: and

Also, there are some stray images in my nudist gallery, which I like to post separately for the benefit of those who may be enlightened enough to be able to appreciate nude photography, but are still a bit squeamish about human sexuality. You can find that here: (the new images are on pages 5 and 6).

In other news, here are a couple of fun (brand new!) pictures of me getting cheeky in the car on a cold January day, wearing nothing underneath my warm winter coat:

"What seems to be the problem, officer?"


  1. Oh wow, I love this post. You really made my day! Thanks so much.

    The first picture is striking. The contrast between your black coat and the lovely skin of your beautiful hard cock is great. Most of your body is so well covered against the cold, including your hands, and then here's this rock hard cock out in the open. I love the concept and the way you executed it.

    I got a laugh out of your caption. Perfect. Here's my comeback for the officer:

    "What seems to be the problem, Officer?"

    "I pulled you over for suspicion of distracted driving. But first, I want you to holster your firearm."

    The second photo is great, too. Your smooth, pale skin, including your bare hand, looks wonderful against the snowy background. Here's a caption for this photo:

    "Hi there, can I offer you a ride?"

    "Sure. You drive and I'll operate the camera."

    Thanks again for taking the time to do these pics. I love them – of course, I always love the opportunity to see new pictures of your hard cock!!! Especially in cool settings like this!

  2. Yeah, I tried an alternative to the first shot with my glove off, because it felt more "exposed", but the cock stands out so much better when it's the only skin in the vicinity.

    I was a little nervous when I took these shots, even though it was an empty parking lot. But they came out great, and I really like the effect, so I'm really glad I made the effort. Thanks for the suggestion!