Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Whiter Shade

Here are some of the results from my first photoshoot of the new year! I don't know if you would call these images "high key" (I don't have a technical background in photography) or just overexposed, but I thought the ultra-bright lighting just worked gorgeously here. Actually, maybe it's because the technique is abused by amateurs, but I generally think "high key" photographs look horrendous. But in this case it's just a very bright, white-heavy form of black and white, and it looks great - soft, rather than harsh.

We'll start, however, with a regular dark shot to serve as contrast to the rest of the series:

It's funny that, when I think back, my nude/erotic photography hobby started out in the dark. Because of the taboo and generally unconventional nature of the subject, I kept it largely a secret at first. I wasn't living in my own home, and so most of my photography captured nighttime scenes, when most normal people hole themselves away in their homes and bedrooms and sleep. Whether lit ominously indoors, or using long exposures outside in the dark, my photography was frequently characterized by shadow.

But over the past several years, I've gradually come out of the dark and stepped into the light of day. The nature of my photography is still as taboo as ever (which makes it hard to get outside as much as I'd like), but I'm no longer living a nocturnal lifestyle, and I am in fact currently living in an apartment with large windows that gets a ton of bright, morning sunlight.

I am a 24 hour nudist now (at least at home, when there aren't guests over), and I can pull my camera out and take pictures any time of the day I want, without having to be sneaky about it (as long as I'm in the apartment, at least). It's a testament to the transformation I've undergone (such as it is) that I can take photos like these, that feature such an overabundance of light that it nearly drowns out my body!


  1. Very nice. Did you shoot these in B&W in the camera, or convert them later on the computer?

    I like the luminous quality of the white photos – almost like it's your body giving off the light. Beautiful contours all over your body.

    I particularly like photo 6. What a great cocky pose, lol – I wish I could be your photographer for one of your photosets. I love the grip you've got on your hard cock. You look so masculine, and yet so feminine at the same time. Very appealing.

    These pictures make me wonder what an infrared photo of a hard cock would look like. I mean it must be glowing with heat compared with most of the rest of the body.

  2. Lol, that's an interesting thought. I bet that would make for some interesting pictures.

    I shot these in color, and converted them to black and white on the computer. Come to think of it, if my camera has an option to shoot in black and white, I've never used it! I'm too biased towards color, I guess. Although, weirdly, I feel like I'm warming up to B&W more the more experienced I get, which is ironic, because I've always thought the mindset of shooting in black and white to look more "artistic" was amateur (and largely ineffective besides, as a crap shot in B&W still looks like crap). But I guess it's the skill of the artist and not the color (or lack of it) that makes an image good. Still, I'm not about to give up color photography anytime soon. ;-)