Monday, November 10, 2014

Mirrors, Doors, and Windows


  1. Nice photos!

    I love the view of the artist at work in photo 1. Cool. I like your painted toenails, too. Cute. They tend to enhance your long slender toes, which are very attractive.

    I like photo 5 because of the interesting stance, and the suggestion that you are gripping your hard cock in your hands. Powerful.

    Photo 6 is great! No mere suggestion about your hard cock here. It looks beautiful, and so potent.

    Now I really love photo 7. Wonderful pose, incredible body. Your hard cock pointing toward the camera with the light shining on the tip is such a treat in a photo that would be dramatic even without the erection. But I prefer the erection – it adds a powerful element to the overall look.

    Also, I was quite surprised at your strong arms, and biceps in particular. Do you work out with weights? I think the proportions in your arms are beautiful, and your biceps look so powerful and virile. Wow. Even your calf is flexed.

    Beautiful body, beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yeah, the pose in that last photo is a bit more masculine than I usually go for, but I like to throw out a curve ball every now and then. -_^

    I don't do any serious work with weights, but I did recently get a chin-up bar, so that probably has something to do with it. I've been very lucky, though, all my life, not to have work very hard for my looks. Of course, it doesn't stop me from thinking I'd look better if I worked harder - I think that's just part of the human experience.

    I agree with you about the erections. Some would argue that it "sexualizes" the image (although as an erotic artist, I have no problem with that). And certainly, the suggestion of sexual arousal is an important component in some images - like the one where I'm facing the window.

    But other times, it just seems to me that an erect penis is more aesthetically interesting than a flaccid one, and even apart from all erotic considerations, it can make an artistic male nude more striking and interesting.